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Credit: NHOOD Ukraine

Retail Park Berkovetska is a new retail park in Kyiv, Ukraine

The concept of retail parks during the pandemic has become especially popular among local residents, because thanks to the large areas, good location and separate access to shops, you can safely combine pleasant and useful things – shopping, working and spending free time.

The most convenient factor is the possibility to drive your own car to the open parking lot with direct access to the store, and then shop in large retail outlets with low consumer density. According to research, smaller commercial formats are most successful in dealing with the problems caused by the pandemic, and retail parks have recovered more quickly after the first wave.

The new Retail Park Berkovetska, developed by NHOOD Ukraine, will be located in the Berkovetska microdistrict, next to the Lavina Mall SEC, Auchan hypermarket and Epicentr SC. The location will be a true embodiment of the format of a comfortable real estate, in which all the necessary goods and services will be gathered in one place and visitors will receive a first-class consumer experience.

The total area of ​​the retail park is 42,000 m2, which will include retail, office spaces, a multi-level medical center, restaurants zone and a large parking. The nearest metro station is Akademmistechko, located in 3.9 km, from where you can reach the retail park by car in 9-12 minutes or by public transport in 12-15 minutes. In general, the transport connection is very developed in this area, now there are shuttle buses from the metro stations Minska, Pochaina, Akademmistechko, the Industrialnyi Bridge, the urban-type locality Kotsiubynske, the Shevchenko Square, the Luk’yanivska and Nyvky metro stations. In addition, the location attracts residents of nearby cities that do not have their own large shopping centers, namely: Bucha, Irpin, Kotsiubynske, Gostomel, Pushcha Vodytsia. In the future, it is planned to develop roads and open a metro station nearby.

The format of the retail park is a unique combination of all the necessary services in a convenient place that can meet most of the needs of residents. The opening of Retail Park Berkovetska is scheduled for 2023 and, according to Anna Koryagina, Chief Operating Officer of NHOOD Ukraine, it is the first example of Nhood’s cooperation in the Ukrainian market as a service provider. In times of digitalization and significant growth of e-commerce, physical stores do not lose their relevance, because people not only want to buy goods, but also get a good mood and emotions from shopping, have a great time.