L’Osteria Metzingen evokes a sense of a past era with its 50s and 60s chic design. Credit: umdasch The Store Makers
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The Outlet City in Metzingen in the German state of Baden-Württemberg has added another attraction: the L’Osteria restaurant at the Enzian Höfe. In its role as the general contractor, umdasch The Store Makers led the project through the turbulent period of the pandemic, thereby allowing the restaurateurs to focus on their favorite task – providing hospitality.

As the old adage goes: “Man lives for fewer than a hundred years, but worries about a thousand.” That is all the more applicable when there are several dozen openings to be carried out in a year and one often does not know whether one is coming or going. FR L’Osteria SE brought umdasch on board to help with this very challenge. The Store Makers took over responsibility for all the construction work, which enabled the gastronomy brand to – concentrate on its favorite task – providing hospitality. They were able to do what they like doing most – developing new locations. This time, the place of focus was Metzingen, in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, at the former Enzian Soap Factory, now known as Enzian Höfe

Credit: umdasch The Store Makers

Even during normal times, general contracting is considered challenging, because it involves taking over complex construction tasks on behalf of the client and coordinating and supervising all the trades involved. During the pandemic, such all-round service has become a major challenge, and proximity to the client, short distances, and perfect timing have become crucial. However, even the associated consequences of the coronavirus failed to cause the trades to operate out of sync; the targeted opening date of early December 2020 would have been achievable if politicians had not put the brakes on the project. As a result, L’Osteria Metzingen opened its doors in June 2021, becoming the 135th location for the gastronomy brand, which is also personally run.

The details matter

The cooperation was correspondingly intensive. As is befitting of a true L’Osteria, the expansion work was also tackled vigorously – whether it was the major issues for the technical building equipment that were planned, the color scheme, or which radiators were to be used in the 250-square-meter interior. Despite individual solutions and plan adjustments in the course of the process, the experienced professionals of the umdasch General Contracting team used their project management skills to oversee the execution of the construction processes. In doing so, they kept the quality at a high level. With respect to the lighting, for example: “Everything can now be individually illuminated or dimmed,” explains Marco Gösling, Managing Director of umdasch General Contracting, “even the extractor hood in the kitchen.” Gösling went on to report that no manufacturer on the market had anything comparable in its product range. In the end, all challenges were overcome and the one or two extra additional loops were worth it.

Credit: umdasch The Store Makers

“Our cooperation was carried out in a true spirit of partnership. We discussed everything very openly and, when necessary, spoke on the telephone instead of writing long e-mails,” explained Frank Föll, who provided project support for umdasch from the outset in his role as Business Development Manager. “I have never been to a single L’Osteria in which I did not feel at home.” Metzingen is no exception: It features a long expanse of transom windows, open ceiling construction with concrete supports, convincing in their original charm, a high ceiling with loft-like dimensions, fair-faced concrete on all sides, and, of course, the famous subway tiles as well as the essential bentwood furniture and brass mountings. Those who experience a sense of a past era, which is created by the 1950s and 1960s chic design of the bar, will surely find themselves marveling at the richly decorated ceiling elements, reminiscent of times gone by.

The founder’s signature

Credit: umdasch The Store Makers

In terms of design, L’Osteria showcases its customary love of detail. Design is, after all, a priority for the boss in Upper Franconia, and, as such, the latest branch, which boasts an additional 280-square-meter roof terrace restaurant, bears the signature of L’Osteria’s founder, restaurateur Friedemann Findeis. In addition, the Store Makers at umdasch have once again proven that life really can be a bowl of cherries – even if the customer journey involves surpassing one’s own limits, like an over-sized pizza that exceeds the size of one’s plate, which is the USP of every L’Osteria. The same is true for the Outlet City Metzingen: You can eat as much as you want, but you will never be able to see everything that you want to see.

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