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Hans-Peter Hähnlein, CEO of Equilis Germany. Credit: Equilis

Real estate developer Equilis has now actively entered the German market

Hans-Peter Hähnlein has been appointed as CEO of Equilis Germany.

The European real estate developer Equilis, specialised in the development of commercial, residential and office real estate, is expanding and opening its own office in Germany with headquarters in Berlin. The real estate developer Equilis was established in Belgium by Carl Mestdagh in 2006. Meanwhile Equilis is operating in seven European countries.

The company now wants to develop and expand its position in one of the most important European real estate markets. Hans-Peter Hähnlein has been CEO of the German subsidiary since August 2019. As such he will be leading the developments planned in Germany.

“With the expansion of business in the new European offices, Equilis, as an important real estate developer, wants to contribute as well as continue to participate in sustainable and successful growth in Europe“, says Carl Mestdagh, Executive Chairman and founder. “We are looking forward to contributing our ideas and visions to the German market and to developing new buildings. We are convinced that real estate contributes to the well-being and satisfaction of people. At the same time we want our future-oriented developments to make the world we live in more pleasant and comfortable for tenants just as much as for all other people.”

Equilis intends to focus on sustainable, innovative and aesthetically demanding real estate developments in the German market. The company places great value on high quality architecture, future oriented mobility solutions as well as energy-efficient buildings in its projects. “Real estate should resonate and inspire the local community, by being anchored in time and context and adapt with time to context”, says Carl Mestdagh, Executive chairman and founder of Equilis. 

Projects planned and constructed cover mixed-use developments as well as residential projects, retail, office, etc. For example past projects include the shopping district “Docks Bruxsel” in Brussels with 61,000 square meters and “Finistrelles” in Barcelona with 40,000 square meters. Moreover, EQUILIS has also developed and completed numerous residential and commercial projects in European countries to date.

Equilis Europe is investing more than 500 million Euro in current projects. Equilis also intends to build residential, commercial as well as office buildings in Germany to attract a variety of tenant groups.