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A new pharmacy opened in QUARREE Wandsbek. /// credit: Twenty One Media
A new pharmacy opened in QUARREE Wandsbek. /// credit: Twenty One Media

QUARREE Wandsbek Strengthens Its Multi-Use Competence In The Health Sector With The “Pharmacy in the QUARREE”

Multi-use is one of the major success principles of QUARREE Wandsbek in Hamburg. Now this multi-use competence of the center in the healthcare sector is being upgraded even further: Today, Friday, September 1 the new pharmacy opened in QUARREE.

Visitors to the QUARREE in Hamburg’s Wandsbek district can now do even more in one place: In addition to groceries and daily needs, fashion, lifestyle, opticians and more, there is now also the pharmacy in the QUARREE on an area of 260 sq m, conveniently located on the first floor.

Thanks to an extensive warehouse and a state-of-the-art order picking system, customers can take most medications immediately without ordering. Outstanding services include the fitting of compression stockings, free blood pressure measurement, a free courier service for home deliveries of medications, and a 24-hour medication pick-up system: Ordered medications can be picked up outside opening hours at a dedicated pick-up machine. Another highlight of the pharmacy in the QUARREE is its wide range of cosmetics.

Pharmacy owner Obeid Said, who studied pharmacy in Hamburg and lives in Wandsbek, already operates two other pharmacies in the Hanseatic city.

“The pharmacy in QUARREE fulfills two factors at once that are strategically important to us and which make this center stand out: Our multi-use concept is being further expanded in the all-important area of health. And we have another tenant who is closely associated with Wandsbek and the QUARREE, thus underpinning the family character of the center”, comments Kerstin Behm, Asset Manager at Union Investment.