Bratislava’s Nivy Station is a destination where leisure meets business in a very smooth and pleasant way. Credit: HB Reavis
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Preparing for the Breakthrough

Nivy Station in Bratislava, is taking its final form. The international bus station, shopping mall, farmers’ market, and green roof for active rest and relaxation are being prepared to welcome people from all around the country at the end of this summer.

The 12,000-square-meter green roof serves as a highlight of the whole project. Carefully selected greenery – succulents, trees, shrubs, perennials, and ornamental grasses – are already being planted and represent the diverse flora of the whole of Slovakia. The roof is divided into several areas designed for recreational activities, terraces, and playgrounds, all featuring beautiful views. 

New Experiences through New Brands and Concepts

Special attention has also been given to the combination of brands and their close-to-flagship stores. “Opening of a completely new restaurant in a reconstructed area with very dynamic development is for me a great opportunity, but either a great challenge – not just because of this particular time the whole world is currently going through. Nevertheless, I am looking forward to open a new franchisee restaurant under gold arches at Nivy during this summer. I feel proud of this restaurant’s unique Geometric design, the first of its kind in Slovakia. This restaurant of experience of the future will fully operate with the most modern technologies for seamless orders to serve our customers in the best way. This restaurant is going to offer more than 170 seats inside and a drive-through directly from Mlynske nivy street, which helps us to ensure the maximum comfort of our welcome customers,” confirmed Andrej Barčák, franchisee of two restaurants McDonald´s in Slovakia.

Tendam will bring Springfield, Cortefiel and Women’s secret, some of which are newcomers to Slovakia, in one multi-brand space but with three entrances. Inditex, a Spanish company, will have the largest number of brands under one roof, with Oysho and Zara Home serving as newcomers to the Slovak market. LPP is set to bring all of its concepts to one place, which covers the largest floor space, with its flagship brand Reserved presented as a 2-story concept. The largest space within the Nivy project will be occupied by Martinus, a popular Slovak coffee-bookstore concept. An innovative showroom is also being fitted-out for a leading e-commerce brand from the Czech Republic, Alza, whose drive-thru offer will also be in operation at the location. 

“The Nivy project is a truly multifunctional center, smartly combining many aspects of human needs in one place. It is a unique destination where leisure meets business in a very smooth and pleasant way. As a bus station serves as just one of its functions, we have decided to reflect its multipurpose nature in the name, while preserving the history of the area – Nivy,” added Jan Harom, Nivy Property Director. 

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