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Credit: PingProperties

PingProperties has sold the Eudokiaplein shopping and health centre in Rotterdam

The Eudokiaplein shopping and health centre situated in Rotterdam-Noord, consisting of an office complex and a shopping centre, has been sold by PingProperties, on behalf of one of the companies under management, to the Pension Fund for the Metals and Electrical Engineering Sector (PME).

The complex has a total floor area of around 10,479 m², with a modern underground car park (218 parking spaces) directly linked to the shopping centre by means of a moving walkway. The shopping centre, with two large supermarkets (Albert Heijn and Aldi), focuses on day-to-day shopping needs.
The health centre has a multidisciplinary doctor’s practice, dental practice, paramedic services and a pharmacy. Also based in the centre are a range of social and public healthcare services, including a  dietician, physiotherapy, podotherapy, psychological counselling service and the Youth and Family Centre for the Rijnmond Region, all focusing on healthcare and wellbeing. These users have a strong appeal in the neighbourhood and complement their surroundings and the complex.

Sander Rovers, Head of Asset Management at PingProperties: ‘We have owned this complex since 2008. During the past thirteen years we have invested lovingly in the place and raised the complex to another level. Given the tremendous number of positive developments in the immediate area, Eudokiaplein will continue in the coming years to bring many good things as the heart of Rotterdam-Noord. We congratulate PME for this strong addition to their property portfolio.’

Optimizing the mix of lessees and upgrading to a well-used office and shopping centre

Since the purchase of the complex in 2008, PingProperties has gradually made significant improvements to the mix of lessees by adding new, high-quality lessees with a long-term commitment to the centre. By clearly positioning the complex as a central point in the neighbourhood for a range of healthcare service providers, Eudokiaplein is now fully occupied for the long term with a variety of lessees. In 2012 the Eudokiaplein shopping centre underwent a large-scale renovation and a moving walkway was installed between the shopping mall and the underground car park. Together with clearly identifiable branding and the addition of high-quality catering establishments, Eudokiaplein is now a lively shopping centre attracting more than 55,000 visitors a week.

By optimizing the mix of lessees, improving the centre’s sustainability rating to energy label A and repositioning it as a health centre for service providers in the sector, PingProperties has made a successful contribution to improving Rotterdam-Noord for everyone involved. The mix of businesses and retail (healthcare & retail) that complement both the complex and the local area gives Eudokiaplein strong pulling power, but also a bond with the local population.

PingProperties acted on behalf of Eudokiaplein B.V. The Pension Fund for the Metals and Electrical Engineering Sector was advised by CBRE Global Investors.


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