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The 7th Magdus European Outlet event was held in Paris on June 11 and 12. The main topic of the presentations was “Outlets: seizing opportunities for growth”.

Why more and more investors want retail parks in their portfolios and why this special property type is so alluring.

“Small is beautiful” is how experts characterize the market in the Czech capital Prague. But insider knowledge is essential.

Kuala Lumpur, the capital of the former “Asian Tiger” Malaysia, has seen better days from an economic perspective.

Legislation forcing all retail shops to close on Sundays entered into force in Hungary on March 15, 2015; most shops are forced to close on Sundays and at night.

According to Barbara Topolska, COO of Neinver, the company does not just build open-air centers. Instead, it develops “villages” that draw upon the tradition, history, and architecture of the place in which they are built.

It was the usual framework: Sunshine; the laid-back the historic old town; the vibrant, busy life of southern France in the midst of November; the dark-suited businessmen meeting in the Palais de Festival or in the many restaurants and bars of Cannes. It was the 20th MAPIC, the retail real estate fair, in November 2014.

The concept of what constitutes a good “brand” is not always clear in a retail context, let alone within the shopping center world. It is tempting, and indeed quite common, simply to refer to a brand by name – the world’s great brands such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Louis Vuitton etc. are instantly recognized by name. But what’s in a name and what makes a great brand?

The physical store no longer holds a virtual monopoly on retail transactions. Consumers can now shop anytime, anywhere, and are not bound by opening hours or physical proximity.

A critical evaluation of the centers which have been added to the European market in recent years prompts the following sobering conclusions: Professionalism in design, construction and operation has generally reached a very high level.

As the retail and shopping center climate continues to heat up across Europe and ongoing investment strongly suggests that the future looks promising, it is vital that we remain clear on what it is that really drives our market: the people within it.

More and more consumers are shopping with smartphones and tablets. Shopping center operators are trying to capitalize on this trend towards mobile commerce in myriad ways.

What the retail real estate industry can expect.