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Out Now: New issue “The Retail and Hotel Industry – A Long-Lasting Love Story?”

OUT NOW – LATEST ISSUE! +++ The Retail and Hotel Industry – A Long-Lasting Love Story?

Dear Reader,

From fashion capitals selling luxury products to bustling marketplaces peddling local goods, the shopping available at certain destinations is a powerful draw for many tourists. Shopping and vacations have always been closely linked. In the same way, the retail and hotel asset classes have always been interdependent. Both were particularly hard hit by the Covid pandemic but recovered relatively quickly. They have proven to be crisis-resistant and innovative.

Therefore, the symbiotic relationship between retail and the hotel industry is the main focus of our cover story. Many industry players seek new ways to bring the two asset classes closer to exploit similarities. “We are now viewing these asset classes together in our new department,” says Andreas Löcher, Head of Investment Management Operational at Union Investment Real Estate GmbH. “There are many successful alliances out there, such as between perfume and fashion, so why not hotels?”. In an in-depth interview, Löcher and his colleague Roman Müller (page14), Head of Investment Management Retail, show the potential of dovetailing retail and the hotel industry, where the first collaborations are already taking place, and the future journey may lead. This interview lays the foundation for our cover story, which will be continued in an ACROSS Retail Talk on June 18. Industry experts such as Klaus Striebich (page 28), Managing Director of RaRE Advise and head of the ACROSS Advisory Board, and Professor Christian Buer (page 24), Heilbronn University and founder of the consultancy Nemis, confirm the relevance of this connection and emphasize the potential for success and why we should focus on the outlet and luxury sectors in particular. Several excellent case studies can already be observed on the market, as Lars Jähnichen (page 34), CEO of IPH Group, and Torsten Kuttig (page 30), Director Hotel Development at ECE Work & Live, impressively explain.

Furthermore, in addition to this cover story, we have compiled other exciting developments in the industry. Benoy and Pragma, for example, explain the most important rules to be observed in mixeduse projects. Norbert Scheele, C&A Head of European Expansion and vice president of the Austrian retail association, is a veteran of the fashion retail industry who discusses the greatest challenges facing the placemaking and retail industry in an extensive ACROSS interview. We report on MPC Properties‘ first “MPC Echo” conference, which focused on great ideas and innovative business practices in the real estate industry and sustainable business operations. In addition, learn about some of the most exciting and experiential store concepts in Europe today.

We hope this new issue of ACROSS informs, motivates, and inspires you. Please feel free to give us your feedback!

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Reinhard Winiwarter

Publisher of ACROSS Magazine

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