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Out Now: New issue “Level Of Demand”

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Dear Reader,

2024 is a year to get things done. Excuses such as COVID-19 and geopolitical crises are no longer valid.
Therefore, this year is a year in which it will become clearer than ever where the retail asset class really
stands, which shopping centers are fit for the future, and which consumer groups will shape the market of the future. Focus on the consumer, repositioning, and repurposing are the top three tasks on the placemaking industry’s to-do list.

During such a process, it is all the more important to return to the basic economic principles of our industry:

  1. We need satisfied customers who enjoy visiting our locations and are happy to spend their money there.
  2. We need satisfied retailers who generate good sales and are, therefore, happy to pay good rental amounts.
  3. We need center management that earns good money and develops the respective location.
  4. High returns for happy investors are generated as a result.

As banal as this value chain in a nutshell may sound, it is important because it covers the core question:
What is your level of demand? In this issue of ACROSS, we take a closer look at the basics: What is the
level of demand for a retail destination and its stakeholders? What roles do the individual stakeholders play, and how can they develop together with the asset?

Not only is Türkiye the traditional home of retail, but it is also a market of interest for mainstream brands and home to brands that have a strong interest in expanding into the European Market. Our Türkiye centered focus in this issue not only offers an insight into this exciting market, but it’s also an invitation to explore Istanbul with us in April. During our ACROSS Study Tour, April 17 -19, we will take a look at innovative retail concepts, different shopping center concepts, and will gain top-class insight, enjoy excellent networking opportunities, and listen to keynote addresses. Meetings with DeFacto and Madame Coco, two expanding brands, will be the highlights of the tour. Both of them share a great growth story in Türkiye and have big plans for Europe. We spoke with them about their expansion plans and experience in Europe, and why retail companies in 2024 should also be tech companies.

Enjoy reading our articles and interviews. We hope you find this edition to be an interesting and profitable read.

Yours sincerely,

Reinhard Winiwarter

Publisher of ACROSS Magazine

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