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Colorful, in high spirits and with delicious healthy dishes from the Indian-Oriental cuisine–Baba Baji starts in July at Quarree. Credit: Baba Baji

Oriental fusion food concept “Baba Baji” comes to Quarree

With “Baba Baji,” restaurateur Zalahuddin Nezam is showing courage in these challenging times. The concept reinterprets traditional dishes and brings healthy taste experiences to the fresh food area of Hamburg’s Quarree from July 2021.

Frank Klüter, Center Manager of Quarree, says of this culinary newcomer: “We are pleased about the courage and optimism of Mr. Nezam. Everyone is happy about stores and restaurants that are opening for the first time, especially in the current situation. That encourages us to be courageous as well. And the colorful, modern design also fits wonderfully into our new Quarree, which will be in full splendor in July.” Sonae Sierra was responsible for the leasing. 

The owner, Union Investment, is currently investing around 40 million euros in the redesign of Quarree. The established Hamburg shopping center is being extensively modernized and restructured. In addition to a completely new themed design, the Quarree is focusing on modern services, convenient product ranges, an expansion of its product and service range, and a new restaurant area.