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Left: George Aase. Credit: Nepi Rockcastle | Right: Rudiger Dany. Credit: Nepi Rockcastle

New Faces at Nepi Rockcastle

The Board has nominated George Aase as Chairman of the Board, effective 18 August 2021. Rudiger Dany has been contracted by the Company from 6 July 2021 and will be appointed as Chief Operations Officer of NEPI Rockcastle effective 18 August 2021.

George Aase is an experienced CFO and non-executive in publicly traded real estate firms, technology companies and Fortune 100 U.S. multinational industrial firms. He is a highly strategic and business-oriented senior finance executive with extensive experience in leadership roles. Aase’s core specialties include corporate finance, capital markets, IPO transactions, debt financing, international financial operations, international finance and controlling, and investor relations, with 12 years’ experience in the European commercial real estate sector. He led the process of two major initial public offering projects in London and Frankfurt.

Aase also possesses extensive financing and debt restructuring experience and has managed various portfolios connected with major acquisitions and underwriting. He has a strong background and real estate network in Central Eastern Europe countries, including Czech Republic, Poland, Romania and Slovakia. Aase has been an independent non-executive director of NEPI Rockcastle since 2018 and has served as Chairman of the Audit Committee and member of the Nomination and Remuneration Committees. The Board and management team look forward to Aase’s continued contribution to the Company in his new role.

Management Succession Planning 

Shareholders are advised that Alexandru Morar (CEO) and Mirela Covasa (CFO), being in their 15th and 10th year of service with the Company, respectively, have approached the Board to implement a succession plan for their roles given their intentions to pursue other entrepreneurial opportunities. The two executives and the Board have agreed to implement a management succession plan over the period leading up to the Company’s year end results, which includes identifying suitable candidates for the CEO and CFO roles and handover of their projects and responsibilities. The executives remain committed over this transition period and confident in the Company’s prospects, ensuring consistency in the implementation of the approved strategy and the running development and optimization projects and initiatives. The effective date of resignation is currently unknown, and a further announcement will be released when appropriate.

Rudiger Dany has been contracted by the Company from 6 July 2021 and will be appointed as Chief Operations Officer of NEPI Rockcastle effective 18 August 2021. Dany has extensive professional experience of more than 30 years in retail, commercial real estate, leasing and asset management. He worked in international environments across Europe (including Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania, Serbia, Romania), for some of the largest international retail and real estate companies including ECE, Atrium and Multi Corporation. Dany held various senior management positions such as Executive Member and COO of Atrium Group and Multi Corporation, Senior Managing Director Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Managing Director Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania for ECE Projektmanagement. In these positions he was responsible for strategy setting, business transformation, asset development, greenfield projects, optimization of the operating assets, support of mergers and acquisitions, team leadership for the country and regional organizations. During his tenure with Multi Corporation (affiliated with Blackstone), Dany played an important role in optimizing and expanding their property management portfolio for institutional investors. As a Board Member and COO of Multi, his major achievement was the value enhancement of Blackstone’s property portfolio and the successful opening of new shopping centres, developments and extensions of existing shopping centres. Mr. Dany has also driven the creation of an innovation group within Multi to elaborate business opportunities by using modern PropTech tools, both B2B and B2C