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Fünf Höfe main entrance on Theatinerstrasse. Credit: Union Investment

New collaboration in city marketing: Fünf Höfe x Filmfest München

Two major players in the Bavarian capital have joined forces to celebrate outstanding cinematic art and a lifestyle that is laid-back as well as creative and glamorous – in the heart of the city.

The Filmfest München takes place in 2019 for the 37th time, and has established itself as a major event. This year, Fünf Höfe – which has also been an institution in Munich for 16 years – has a new, important collaboration partner. Filmfest München and Fünf Höfe are two players that definitely belong together: the link between cinema and lifestyle is perfect. Fünf Höfe is located at the center of all festival venues, making it the ideal meeting point before or after a show as well as the place to shop for a movie date outfit or two. Plus: Fünf Höfe is an elegant, attractive shopping and lifestyle destination in the heart of the city that has the potential to raise even more awareness of the Filmfest München among Munich residents and visitors and offer a higher visibility in the city center. At the same time, the motto “We deliver big cinema” not only places Fünf Höfe itself in the spotlight as a location, but also its exclusive brands and products. Classic product placement as we know it from the movies is transported into reality: live, in colour and in 3D – an experience for all the senses. With products to touch, try on, try out and enjoy … and to take home of course.

Blow-up on one front corner of Fünf Höfe. Credit: Union Investment

Lifestyle for movie-lovers: product placement

As part of the marketing collaboration, a pocket guide has been created that lists all film festival venues and presents cinema-related products in Fünf Höfe, showing how much of the movies is embedded in the lifestyle and fashion products that can be found at Fünf Höfe. The products in the “Filmfest Collection” range from Persol’s “Steve McQueen” cult sunglasses that the film star first used on the set of “The Thomas Crown Affair” (in Munich exclusively at Fünf Höfe Optik), to the signature fragrance “Room Service” from Vilhelm Parfumerie New York – a homage to Greta Garbo – and mascara from New York make-up guru Edward Bess (both at Ludwig Beck Beauty) and film-ready interior design items at Magazin to legendary film cocktails such as Cosmopolitan (Sex and the City), Vesper Martini (James Bond) or White Russian (The Big Lebowski) that you can of course order and enjoy in the Fünf Höfe bars. This pocket guide is available at all venues and at the festival’s center, the Gasteig. It was included in 3,000 thousand accreditation bags and was also available at the press conference at the start of the festival.

Elke Haeffner, center manager for Fünf Höfe has this to say about the new collaboration: “We are very proud about our new marketing collaboration with Filmfest München. For us, collaborations are just as important as city marketing. With Filmfest München as a partner, we are able to combine the two optimally and create a win-win situation: Fünf Höfe can make the film festival more visible and tangible in the city’s center, not least of all by directly addressing our tenants and their staff – around 2,500 people. At the same time, the film festival provides us with an opportunity to draw attention to our superb brands and products in a completely different way using product placement and other means associated with cinema.”

Exclusive fashion on the red carpet

Turn your eyes towards Hollywood, the Berlinale, the Cannes Film Festival: whereever you look the stars of the festival are dressed for the red carpet by famous fashion designers. Also in Munich! Director of the film festival Diana Iljine, for instance, has been dressed for the festival in outfits from Milan fashion designer Manuela Fumagalli and accessories from Friendly Hunting. Both labels have their stores in Fünf Höfe. “Manuela Fumagalli’s dresses are a perfect match for me – in terms of the cut and the character. I’ll wear the various outfits on festival days, and naturally also on the red carpet”, explains Diana Iljine radiantly.

Filmfest director Diana Iljine in a dress from the label Manuela Fumagalli Milano, next to the designer Manuela Fumagalli and her son. Credit: Filmfest München

So when the flurry of camera flashes is turned on the festival director, the spotlight also falls on fashion from Fünf Höfe. The collaboration between Filmfest München and Fünf Höfe will also be the intense focus of numerous B2C channels where it will be communicated in a sales-generating way: on the digital screens and as a cinematic 3D floor painting in Fünf Höfe, on the Fünf Höfe website and its social media, in advertorials and articles in the film festival magazine as well as in other city magazines and in the Bavaria section of the Süddeutsche newspaper.