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Kruševac Shopping Park, Credit: NEPI Rockcastle

NEPI Rockcastle: Portfolio fully operational

NEPI Rockcastle’s portfolio is now 100% operational, as all trading restrictions in the countries where the Group operates have ended.

Most restrictions had already ended by mid-August, except for indoor food service tenants in Romania and cinemas in Romania, Croatia and Serbia. Romania ended the trading ban for indoor food service units on September 1, and all indoor restaurants, food courts and coffee shops are now welcoming customers. Cinemas opened gradually during the first two weeks of September and, as of today, they are all operating. The remaining restrictions in Croatia and Serbia have also been lifted, with cinemas opened since the beginning of September.

Maintaining the health and safety of customers, tenants and staff continues to be NEPI Rockcastle’s top priority. All necessary precautions for safe visits to the malls have been implemented, along with the governments’ new measures for COVID-19 prevention in the entertainment areas. The Group is also supporting the sales of indoor food tenants and cinemas by organising dedicated campaigns and promotions.

“We are delighted that all the Group’s properties are fully functional, and we are collaborating with our tenants to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for visitors. We are already recording notable progress in respect of footfall and tenants’ sales. We will continue to cooperate closely with all stakeholders in order to successfully overcome this challenging period.” Alex Morar, CEO of NEPI Rockcastle.