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Viladecans The Style Outlets, in Barcelona, has obtained the certification for the first time. Credit: Neinver

NEINVER renews its centres’ BREEAM In-Use certifications

Neinver has successfully completed BREEAM In-Use recertification of all its centres in Spain, Italy, Poland and France.

BREEAM In-Use certifies the implementation of sustainability criteria in both the building and its management for those assets that have been operating for a minimum of two years. Neinver, the leading outlet operator in Spain and Poland, continues to show its commitment to the sustainable certification of its entire portfolio and has further improved its ratings by continually implementing measures to make the centres more sustainable.  

In Spain, the company has renewed the certifications of four The Style Outlets centres (three in Madrid and one in A Coruña) and of Nassica Retail and Leisure Park, in Madrid, achieving the highest possible rating (“Outstanding”) for three of them. Moreover, Viladecans The Style Outlets, in Barcelona, has obtained the certification for the first time, with an “Excellent” rating. That shows this outlet centre’s renewed commitment to sustainability, after having its design and construction certified in 2016.  

In Poland, Neinver has renewed the certifications of all the FACTORY centres and has increased their sustainable management ratings from “Very Good” to “Excellent”. The company has renewed the certification of its two The Style Outlets centres in Italy (at Vicolungo and Castel Guelfo) and of Roppenheim The Style Outlets in France.  

This means that all the centres under Neinver’s management in Spain, Italy, France and Poland are certified under BREEAM In-Use and under four ISO standards (9001,14001, 50001 and 45001).  

The measures the company has implemented to keep increasing the long-term value of the centres and reduce their environmental footprint include installing water recycling systems, reducing light pollution, improving their biodiversity, analysing sustainable drainage systems and implementing new energy-efficiency measures.  

As early as 2013, Neinver positioned itself as a benchmark in sustainable management when it became the first operator to earn BREEAM In-Use certification for its whole outlet portfolio in Europe. The company has proved its commitment by renewing its certificates and increasing centres’ ratings with each renovation.