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Neinver launches a Europe-wide initiative to support art and local communities

Neinver, as part of its commitment with the communities, has launched an initiative at all its outlet centres in Europe to support art by promoting local talent, and to excite consumers with an explosion of optimism, colour and energy.

The campaign is running until the end of Spring under the slogan: [RE] IMAGINE THE FUTURE TOGETHER and includes several activities, from creative development of local artists right in the centres, with posters and decorations, art installations and workshops, to initiatives supporting the community and promoting sustainability and respect for the environment.

“Neinver has always championed art, culture, and design -especially the one that comes from local artists, allowing them to reach a wider audience whilst bringing innovative art concepts/creativity to our visitors. Now, in a context of intense hardship to the communities, it makes more sense than ever to help artists and, at the same time, provide uplifting activities for our public. Through this initiative we are using our centres to create spaces that convey energy and positivity through young local talent and help improve our communities. We are very excited about this project and we hope our customers will ‘catch’ the energy that moves and motivates us,” says Sebastian Sommer, European Marketing and Retail Director at Neinver.

Local contemporary artists: the artists of the future

Neinver wanted to make 11 local contemporary artists the centrepiece of this “wave of optimism” in Europe, so that through their exclusive designs and pieces they could create unique experiences at each of its centres in Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Poland and the Netherlands. El Chico Llama, Honolulu Studio and El Rey de la Ruina from Madrid, Nuria Toll from Barcelona and Héctor Fancesch from A Coruña in Galicia are in charge of adding colour to the centres in Spain. In Italy, there’s Nicoló Canova, in Germany, the Berlin-based Stereoheat (Marcus Plesser) and hrvbtheweird (Tom HRVB), in France, the illustrator Amandine Louise (Atelier Maison Magique), the Polish artist Kinga Offert at the FACTORY centres in Poland, and Jago, associated with the creative agency Limoon in Haarlem, at the newly opened centre in Amsterdam.

Sustainability: the heart of the initiative

Throughout this quarter, the centres will also place special emphasis on projects and activities to raise awareness and support for the environment and the local community. These include initiatives to raise awareness about reducing the use of plastic, through #TheStyleBag, promoting biodiversity by planting trees in the area, workshops where people can learn how to make vertical gardens, do organic farming, etc.

Brands will also play an important role, promoting the visibility of products made with sustainable materials or through responsible production.