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Left: Key findings from the 2020 Multi Consumer Impact Survey. Right: Reinhard Winiwarter, Publisher ACROSS Magazine

Man is a social animal–Covid-19 won’t change that

Multi is pleased to share the results of the Pan European Customer Monitor + Covid-19 Survey, which analyses responses from 33,000 shopping centre visitors from across 11 countries and 50 retail locations that were assessed in November 2020.

Never before has a crisis left such a huge mark on the retail real estate industry as the one caused by Covid-19 is doing right now. Many apocalyptic scenarios are being rolled out. But the key question is: Will consumers ever return to malls in the way they are used to? And if so, what demands will they make on the centers?

These are precisely the central questions addressed by a large-scale consumer study conducted by Multi. And despite many pessimistic expert voices, this study makes me quite optimistic. After all, man is a social animal. And Covid-19 does not seem to have any effect on this natural instinct. This study shows that very clearly. However, it also shows that expectations of the centers will increase. Therefore, the industry will continue to face major challenges. The highly interesting study by Multi is available here as a free download. Take a look! It’s definitely worth the read.

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Reinhard Winiwarter, Publisher ACROSS Magazine

You can download the survey here: