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Credit: Mitiska REIM
Credit: Mitiska REIM


Mitiska REIM has announced that the First Retail International 2 fund (FRI 2) has been awarded a total of 3 green stars for the standing investment and development categories in the 2022 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB).

In this year’s assessment, Mitiska REIM scored 69/100 in the standing investment benchmark, which compares very favorably to the average score of 72/100 for its peer group and the industry average of 74/100. For the development benchmark, Mitiska REIM scored 68/100, compared to 70/100 for its peer group and 81/100 for the industry average. These scores are also a significant improvement on Mitiska REIM’s first GRESB participation in 2020 with the FRI fund.

For the management benchmark, Mitiska REIM has scored 28/30 which is ahead of both the peer group and industry average and was recognized as the “Best in Class” against peers for ESG leadership, risk assessment and governance, BREEAM in-use certifications, and data monitoring and review.

Eline De Keyzer, Real Estate Controller at Mitiska REIM, comments: “We are delighted to have received such strong scores for the  FRI2 fund in only our first year of participation. These GRESB results are evidence of the significant progress we have made in delivering a sustainable business model and portfolio for our investors.”

Sylvie Geuten-Carpentier, Managing Partner at Mitiska REIM, adds: “We are very proud of the outstanding effort put in by the Mitiska REIM team to achieve such strong GRESB ratings. We have in place a clear ESG strategy, framework, and targets to further improve our ESG performance in the coming years.”