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Mipim: Projects Everywhere You Look

Once again, real estate developments will be presented and advertised in Cannes this year. Many of them will feature retail space. Here is an overview of this year’s event.

La Promenade Carabiniers

Wavre, Belgium                           

(Booth P1B14)

Presented by

La Promenade Carabiniers is located in the heart of Wavre, which is close to Brussels and on the main communication route to the south of Belgium.

Wavre is a dynamic economic center and is the capital of the Brabant Walloon province. Le Promenade Carabiniers entails the transformation of the existing Carabiniers open-air parking lot into a mixed-use project comprising housing (8,000 sq m), shops (4,000 sq m) and underground parking (12,000 sq m). This will help transform the urban axis between the railway station and the Boulevard de l’Europe, also known as “La Promenade”, and is a critical element of the Wavre 2030 vision for the urban and environmental redevelopment of the town center. The opening is scheduled for 2021.

City Plaza

Wuppertal, Germany                                       

(Booth P-1, N.50)

Presented by Chapman Taylor

City Plaza is the centerpiece of a large urban redevelopment project that links Wuppertal’s railway station to the town center.

In order to create a seamless and pedestrian-friendly link, a highway had to be lowered by six meters and a new bridge had to be built, flanked on both sides by retail pavilions. City Plaza is part of a group of impressive historical buildings that define the remodeled square in front of the railway station. Its curved facade is clad with brass panels, which, in addition to improvements in the nearby public realm, elevate the area’s look and feel. The opening is scheduled for this year.

Botanichesky Sad Transport Hub

Moscow, Russia                

(Booth R7.C31)

Presented by Armo Group

The administrative, business, and commercial units at Botanichesky Sad Transport Hub will be included in a single shopping and business center complex of 82,000 sq m, featuring an adjacent 53,300-square-meter Apart Hotel, which will consist of more than 900 apartments, retail, and a restaurant area.

The business center will blend in with the shopping mall, providing services within easy reach. Armo Group used building information modeling (BIM) techniques to reduce the area required for technical services, freeing up space for residential and commercial use and improving the use of natural light in the shopping and entertainment areas. The opening is scheduled for 2020.

Dynamo Central Stadium

Moscow, Russia             

(Booth R7.C31)

Presented by Armo Group

VTB Arena – Dynamo Central Stadium, dedicated to footballer Lev Yashin, combines several facilities under one roof: a stadium and multi-functional sports arena along with a shopping and leisure complex designed for entertainment before and after sports events.

The stadium will provide seating for 26,319 people. The sports arena is unique in Europe due to its ability to be transformed, within hours, into different operational modes, such as for hockey, basketball, boxing, other sports activities, concerts, and shows. The transformations are carried out using intelligent engineering solutions that allow climatic parameters to be changed to ensure comfortable conditions for both athletes and spectators. All engineering systems are controlled from a single center.

Busan Eco Delta Smart City

Busan, South Korea

Presented by Korea Water Resources Corporation

Busan Eco Delta Smart City, located along the Nakdong Delta waterfront, is meeting the challenge of creating a 21st century smart waterfront city.

Designated a National Smart City Pilot Project in January 2018, the project will apply smart city technology to prepare for the 4th Industrial Revolution. Busan Eco Delta Smart City will provide a global cultural waterfront city in which life, work, and leisure are combined in attractive settlements. In particular, the Semulmeori District, located at the confluence of three waterways, will become a specialized cultural arena with housing, offices, shopping, hotels, convention facilities, retailing, a museum, R&D, and a hi-tech industrial park. Completion is scheduled for 2023.

Nivo Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Presented by Cathay Invest

As Istanbul continues its growth as a megacity, the Nivo Istanbul Project combines residential and commercial development in a location that is emerging as a new city center.

Nivo Istanbul is adjacent to the Basın Ekspres Highway and is close to Istanbul International Ataturk Airport, CNR Expo Center, and Tuyap International Exhibition Center. The scheme is designed as a mixed-use project that combines residential use, offices, home offices, a hotel, shops, and a retail street. Completion of the 171,820 sq m is scheduled for this year.

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Development MORE

New center development in Parndorf / Austria

Austria's first outdoor center is being built in Parndorf. It will complement the retail conurbation there with, among other things, suitable shopping opportunities in the medium to upper-end quality segment. A safety training center featuring a firing range will serve as a particular highlight. A water fun park is scheduled to follow during the second expansion phase.

Shaping Real Estate Trends with Mixed-use Solutions

Diversification in real estate is a smart strategy at any stage in the economic cycle to hedge against risks. While some funds try to balance their holdings across a range of asset classes, an alternative key solution is a mixed-use approach to individual projects. Even when schemes are dominated by one usage type, the inclusion of different elements gives the asset greater resilience across market cycles and evolving political, demographic, and economic scenarios.

“We Contribute to Marketing and Advertising Costs”

The Belgian De Vlier Retail Development Group has been planning and constructing retail parks in Belgium, France, and Austria under the Frunpark umbrella brand for close to 20 years. In an interview with ACROSS, Managing Director Peter De Roo reflects upon the last two decades and looks toward the future.

Innovations in Westfield Hamburg-Überseequartier

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield Germany is currently cooperating with Hamburg start-ups. In his function as Innovation Manager, Joscha Domdey is responsible for the coordination of activities with such start-ups. The company's first partners include e-floater and Wunder Mobility.

On June 13, the largest Shopping, Entertainment Centre in Baltic States in Estonia opened After Reconstruction

Linstow expanded Ülemiste shopping centre by 13,000 sq m of shopping and entertainment space, with most of the additional floorspace taken up by entertainment and food and beverage services.

Belgrade is blooming – the city of the futures

MPC Properties is currently investing 250 million euros in new development projects, all located in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia: office buildings Ušće Tower Two, Navigator Business Center 2 and BEO Shopping Center, which openings are planned for 2020. These three investments are in total more than 221,000 sq m of GBA.