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Michaela Hauser. Credit: ATP

Michaela Hauser – ATP’s First Female Partner

The architect and Managing Director of ATP Munich became a partner of ATP architects and engineers at the beginning of the year.

Michaela Hauser, our new partner, is a talented architect, who is highly committed to her employees and has remained ‘tenaciously’ creative in her dealings with the partners, and all of these factors explain her success as Managing Director/Architecture of ATP Munich,” is the delighted reaction of ATP CEO Christoph M. Achammer and his colleagues to the decision.

The first female partner to join the circle of owners (shareholders) of Europe’s leading integrated design company has enjoyed many steps along the path of her classic ATP career, from Associate to Associated Partner, from Group Leader and certified Project Manager to Managing Director.

“I see the fact that I am joining the partnership as a very special recognition of our team in Munich as well as a signal of appreciation for my work over the past few years. I am looking forward to an exciting time as a partner and to the opportunity to pay an even greater role in the strategic shaping and development of the whole company and, perhaps, to enrich the corporate culture even further with the occasional female insight”, said the architect, who has now been playing a leading role in Munich for eight years.

Michaela Hauser, who has Austrian roots but was born in Munich, enjoyed a short detour into the world of mathematics before studying architecture in the city. In 2013, following periods working for Peter Lanz and Grüner+Schnell in Munich and ten years as a project leader with Bothe Richter Teherani (BRT) in Hamburg, she returned to her hometown. She soon took over responsibility for ATP Munich, with its 30 architects, and has been successfully steering the office through some challenging times, largely as sole managing director, since 2016.

Since the beginning of this year, Michaela Hauser has been heading ATP Munich in a dual top management team alongside Thomas Mensch, who, as Joint Managing Director, is responsible for the area of engineering: “I see this elevation of my colleague as an excellent example of how we recognize unbelievable engagement, reliability, and intensive cooperation in our values-based company.”