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credit: mercio, ACROSS
credit: mercio, ACROSS

mercio – Retail Analytics That Get Retailers Ahead

Mercio has developed an innovative SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that helps brick-and-mortar retailers to calculate the best prices.

Founded in 2021, the French-German startup´s analytics platform helps retailers to design and implement accurate and efficient pricing strategies, with category management and promotions, by making the most of the available data. The platform allows retailers to produce, test and deploy customizable strategies with unlimited users, powering collaboration across multiple businesses.

The company´s primary target audience are management controllers, procurement, category managers, marketing teams, or pricing teams, as well as store managers. “Many retailers lower their expectations in terms of profitability because they lack time and expertise. It is precisely these retailers – whose stores are so large that it is no longer possible to calculate prices using Excel or home-made databases – that we want to support by ensuring profitability and increasing attractiveness,” explained Valentine Dreyfuss, Founder and Managing Director of Mercio, in an interview with etailment. Among Mercio´s clients are also Leroy Merlin, Intermarché, as well as Match.

With the help of machine learning, mercio´s software automatically identifies sensitive or non-sensitive products for the retailer´s price image and update this classification as more data is fed into the system. This categorization is key to applying the proper pricing strategy to each product.

Also, Mercio’s pricing application brings automation with it, with the level of automation being configurable. Depending on the retailer´s pricing maturity and internal organization, they can choose to automate or manually define their own strategies. The level of automation can be fine-tuned by product family for better control over your prices with a minimal workload on your team.

Performance modules provided by Mercio:

  • Smart segmentation
  • Tagging
  • Horizontal chaining
  • Vertical chaining
  • Rules engine
  • What-if simulation
  • Geopricing
  • Elasticity and cross-elasticity
  • Mark-down optimization
  • Store application

Recently, the startup was chosen as 2023´s European Retail Startup by the Austrian Trade Association. From around 40 applications, 8 start-ups were selected in advance to present their product or service and the associated business model live in three minutes.

Valentine Dreyfuss

Founder, and Managing Director of Mercio

credit: Valentine Dreyfuss, Mercio


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