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Credit: Citycon
Credit: Citycon

Many public services to be located in Trio

A new service square will be opened in shopping center Trio at the heart of the City of Lahti, Finland

The service square, covering approximately 1,000 sq m, is a new kind of concept that centralises several different public services under one roof. It will feature the service and guidance desks of many of the city’s services and a Kela customer service location.

The construction of the new premises will begin soon, and the service square will be opened to new customers in the autumn 2019. It will also be possible to expand the service square in the future, if necessary.

“We are thrilled that the Lahti service square will be located in Trio. For almost three years, a similar service entity has been our tenant in Iso Omena, Espoo, and the experiences from there have been excellent,” said Mari Laaksonen, Commercial Director at Citycon.

“We want to integrate Trio better into the Lahti city center and aim to open its entrances as part of the streetscape. In addition, we aim to make Trio more pleasant and comfortable by upgrading its look on the inside and introducing more restaurants and cafés that invite visitors to spend time in the shopping center. Public services, spending time in the shopping center and an attractive restaurant offering are increasingly more important success factors. This is the future of the shopping centers”, said Henrica Ginström, Chief Operating Officer at Citycon.

“Public services located at shopping centers are excellent anchor tenants. First, they bring with them a steady customer flow to shopping centers. Second, accessible public services make people’s everyday life easier. Our objective is to introduce more public services in our shopping centers in the Nordic countries, not just in Lahti”, added Ginström.