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Maja Procz. Credit: Commerz Real

Maja Procz is Global Head of Transactions at Commerz Real

Maja Procz (45) has been the new Global Head of Transactions at Commerz Real since 1 August 2020.

She succeeds Henning Koch, who was appointed to the board of managing directors of the company in April, where he is now responsible for the Transactions and Asset Management areas among other things. In her function Maja Procz will be coordinating all the international real estate sales and purchases in the future, and will be reporting directly to Henning Koch.

In the course of her career going back more than 25 years in the real estate sector Procz has accompanied a transaction volume of more than 3.5 billion euros. Most recently she had been employed in various positions at Credit Suisse Asset Management since 2006; there she had successfully developed the business area Mandates & Advisory Germany with German and international clients since 2017.

“I have known Maja for a long time now – she is an experienced and proven real estate expert,” says Koch. “She will make a major contribution to developing the transaction business, and especially in the current market phase, with prudence for the benefit of our investors.”

Commerz Real was one of the most active companies on the real estate investment market in 2019 with a transaction volume of 8.9 billion euros. Prime examples for this are the acquisitions of the “Millennium” portfolio comprising 49 core properties in premium locations in Germany (ca. 2.7 billion euros) and Tucher Park in Munich (ca. 1.1 billion euros), the participation in ten Kaufhof department stores in the inner city areas of Germanys top 5 metropolises (ca. 412 million euros), and the sale of a portfolio with six office properties in the Netherlands (ca. 370 million euros).

“It is my goal to further develop the excellent reputation of Commerz Real as a reliable partner on the investment market,” explains Procz. “Above all right now it is important to act carefully, without being too rash or too cautious.”


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