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Credit: LPP

LPP supports the fight against coronavirus

LPP will provide isolation hospitals with face masks worth PLN 1 million – the first batch of 3300 pieces has already been delivered to the isolation-only hospital in Gdańsk.

  • The Polish company is cooperating with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister as regards supporting the Polish government in the purchase of protective measures for health care facilities such as overalls, masks, disinfectants and thermometers.
  • The Pomeranian clothing manufacturer will donate 10% of the proceeds from sale of its latest Joyful #Eco Aware collection by its flagship brand – Reserved – to help isolation hospitals in Gdańsk and Kraków.
  • Children from the children’s homes it has been regularly supporting and a senior citizen’s home located in Dolne Miasto district in Gdansk will also receive help.

Due to the growing epidemic threat in the country, LPP has taken the first steps to support people in need. First and foremost, assistance is directed to people in need and medical facilities from Pomerania and Małopolska regions. Taking into account the urgent needs of our health service, the Pomeranian company decided to donate PLN 1 million to purchase protective masks for isolation hospitals. The first batch of 3300 masks has already been delivered to an isolation-only hospital in Gdańsk, where people infected with coronavirus from the Pomeranian region are treated. Thanks to the cooperation with partners from China, the next batches should arrive next week. The company does not exclude further assistance in this respect. LPP is also in contact with the Chancellery of the Prime Minister to support the government in the purchase of protective measures for the health service such as overalls, thermometers, masks and disinfectants. In addition, the Pomeranian company will donate 10% of the proceeds from sale of its latest Joyful #Eco Aware collection by its flagship brand – Reserved – to help isolation hospitals in Gdańsk and Kraków.

The dynamically growing demand has led to a quick reaction and the company has set up an internal team responsible for sewing cotton masks for other people in need of such measures. Yesterday, the first batch of 300 cotton masks was delivered to non-medical staff from the University Clinical Centre in Gdańsk. House and Mohito brands also take part in the action, sewing the same protective measures for the staff of the Hospital in Prokocim. Additionally, the company has entered into cooperation with the organizers of the action: #ngosySZYJĄMASKI3city [NGOs are sewing masks 3city], organized in Tri-city by “Nielada Historia” Foundation, which brings together non-governmental organizations, individuals and companies to sew further batches of protective masks. As a result, the Foundation collects successive batches of protective masks twice a week from the local people involved, handing them over to medical facilities, senior citizens’ homes and other people who report the demand. Also, the University Children’s Hospital in Kraków will soon receive 30 thermometers.

In addition to the supporting healthcare professionals, who every day make every effort to prevent the spread COVID-19 and treat the patients, the company is also aware of the impact on society as a whole. It also responds to the urgent needs of people on whom the difficult situation has also left its mark. Thus, the children’s homes in Gdańsk and Kraków which has regularly been supported by the company will now be provided with computers for remote learning so that they can continue their education without interruption. Microsoft has joined the action and each of the computers will be equipped with the software. Moreover, out of concern for the safety of the elderly residents of Dolne Miasto district, the company has also been purchasing lunches, which, as part of an individual volunteer action, have been provided to the residents of the senior citizen’s home in Dolne Miasto district.