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Credit: LPP

LPP has already donated over a quarter of a million masks to medical facilities

The scope of the support as part of the #LPPpomaga (#LPPhelps) expands every day. The number of protective masks provided by LPP has exceeded 250,000 pieces and already nearly 100 medical facilities have received help of this kind.

The company has been responding to the needs voiced by more and more hospitals, not only from Pomerania and Małopolska regions, but from all over Poland.

When the number of persons infected with the coronavirus started to increase along with the demand for protective measures of medical facilities, LPP immediately made a decision to earmark over one million zlotys for the purchase of protective masks. The company has already provided over 250,000 masks for the people who have been saving our lives and health on the front line in the fight against the coronavirus. And there are more batches on the way.

“We are a Polish family company and helping those in need has always been important to us; therefore, following the developments in the country and – more locally – in the region, we started to act right away. Initially, LPP provided masks to the facilities in Pomerania and Małopolska where our headquarters offices are located. However, we soon started to receive requests for support from other regions of the country. We have been acknowledging them on a regular basis. We intend to reach as many persons and entities in need as possible with our help“, comments Patrycja Zbytniewska, President of the LPP Foundation. – Many of the facilities who benefited from the assistance are locations indicated by our employees or places calling for the help via Facebook – she adds.

During the initial weeks of the #LPPpomaga action, the clothing company from Gdańsk provided masks to nearly 100 facilities. They reached isolation-only hospitals dedicated to the COVID-19 patients, isolation hospitals and other healthcare facilities. About a half of them operates in Pomerania, some in Kraków and Warsaw, and the rest in other parts of the country, among others in Wrocław, Łódź, Bydgoszcz, Kielce or Białystok.

The company does not limit itself to obtaining the masks from abroad. The LPP teams in Gdańsk, Kraków and Warsaw sew cotton face masks for non-medical staff. They have already sewn over 7,000 pieces. The masks have been gradually provided to further facilities.

“We are delighted that so many people have become involved in the #LPPpomaga action. And the numbers are growing. With the ever-increasing number of calls for help we can see how necessary it is today“, concludes Patrycja Zbytniewska.