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Credit: Redwood Consulting
Credit: Redwood Consulting


The designer outlet located in Scotland has posted impressive trading figures for the year just gone and has already continued the results into 2023.

With a 9.92% like-for-like sales across the previous 53-week period, it is clear to see that the scheme’s redevelopment is far from forgotten. The scheme was subject to a 7.8 million euros overhaul in 2019 only for the pandemic to hit 5 months later.

The 80-store outlet is operated by Realm Asset Management and with 3,065 sq m of new signings, pop-ups, and store expansions (notably from Hugo Boss and Levi’s) in 2022, consumers had even more reasons to visit in the run-up to Christmas. Sales density also grew by 13% in 2022 continuing the trend that has seen Realm reposition the scheme and drive this key metric by over 65% in the last 9 years.

Sensitive marketing and impactful sales promotions hit the mark in 2022 with Black Friday delivering a 13% increase and the established VIP discount event in October breaking records with a boost of 47%.

Perhaps the most impressive gains seen at the center have been in developing ESG and charitable activities that clearly resonated with the hearts and minds of the catchment.

Commenting on the success Karen Stewart, outlet manager has said “These year-end results have been an incredible team effort across the board from brand partners enhancing their stock packages and store environments to record levels of participation and returns on investment from our promotional events. Whilst few people can predict the future and the cost of living crisis continues to change shopping habits, 2022 has served as an endorsement for Livingston Designer Outlet. Since 2019, we have built on our reputation as a trusted, welcoming, and conscientious retail and leisure destination. Looking beyond the trading performances we have grown significantly in popularity and are confident about the year ahead with a sense of purpose that will remain relevant for years to come.”