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credit: SAFE Asset Group
credit: SAFE Asset Group


L2D achieved the first portfolio SHORE Certifications Gold rating in South Africa for their retail portfolio.

L2D, a South African property owner’s portfolio, consists of high-quality retail destinations with iconic retail assets. With an GLA of 967 866 sq m and 17 assets (including offices), the location and iconic nature of the properties held by L2D continue to support the portfolio’s robustness, achieving higher than average trading densities.

Underpinned by its strategic building block of ‘SAFE Spaces’, L2D aims to drive a clearly defined strategy that ensures its mall environments hold the highest standard of safety and security for tenants and customers. The SAFE Spaces strategy is to provide secure spaces for all its stakeholders, by ensuring compliance with all Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) regulations, as well as implementing security and risk mitigation measures. For L2D, the comfort and safety of customers, employees, tenants and suppliers, and service providers have been paramount, and L2D has gone to world-class lengths to achieve this, offering the customers a great shopping experience with a safe, sustainable, and commercial environment.

L2D continuously ensures it complies with industry best practices. All its iconic shopping centers recently achieved a gold rating upon receiving its SHORE Certification, the first property owner in South Africa to earn this rating for its entire portfolio. With the SHORE (SAFE Hospitality, Offices, Retail & Exhibitions) Certification, L2D now ensures the highest international standards and best practices for operational resilience and security are implemented and maintained. Safe and sustainability are part of the strategy for L2D, with SHORE certification and Green Star ratings by the Green Building Council of South Africa, which supports the performance of the excellence of L2D assets.

As the world’s only international certification for operational risk and resilience, SHORE Certification means safe, sustainable, and socially responsible assets that promote safe environments where people can shop, work, meet, eat, or stay with peace of mind. SHORE Certification is the unparalleled globally acknowledged assessment and certification for operational risk, resilience, and security governance of property portfolios and individual assets. SHORE is an acronym for SAFE Hospitality, Office, Retail, and Environments with certifications conducted in more than 29 countries and growing.


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