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Austrian top model Larissa Marolt continues testimonial role for the Freeport Fashion Outlet

Following the tremendous success enjoyed throughout the previous year, the collaboration with top Austrian model Larissa Marolt is set to continue.

The fashion-conscious actress has already taken part in a photo shoot for the new campaign with a stylish ambience created last Saturday by top photographer Stephan Huger.

Inspired by redevelopment of the Freeport Fashion Outlet in Vienna Art Nouveau, the new motifs shine in their diversity of trends and exceptional styles. Exclusive fashion insights: with her natural flair and professionalism, Larissa Marolt once again stole the show at this year’s fashion shoot on the 28th of October for the Freeport Fashion Outlet.

The top model was articulately captured highlighting the latest trends and diverse creations by multi-award-winning professional photographer Stephan Huger. Style and extravagance was prioritised by the Freeport Fashion Outlet for the image photos and, with the revamped Art Nouveau style, a synergy was provided for optical redesign of the Outlet Center in Vienna Art Nouveau.

Stephan Huger was full of praise for the Austrian model; “It is always a joy for me to shoot professional top models. Larissa is multifaceted and adapts herself wonderfully to the most diverse styles. That proved an enormous factor in the success of our campaign. I am extremely happy with how the photos came out”.

Thomas Seikmann, manager of the Freeport Outlet Center and Parndorf Outlet Center concurs; “After the tremendous success of our first year’s collaboration, it was a logical continuance for Freeport in shooting the 2018 campaign with Larissa Marolt”.

This shoot enabled Larissa Marolt to once again showcase her modelling qualities and will continue in the role of brand ambassador for the Freeport Fashion Outlet in 2018. Larissa Marolt commented “I am extremely proud that I’ve been chosen to represent Freeport once again, and I’m very impressed with the motifs. I thoroughly enjoyed the photo shoot and could identify completely with the exclusive styles.”

 A glimpse behind the scenes

Two renowned stylists were also brought in by Freeport to ensure perfection of the photos. Ulli Rieger, associated with luxury brands Chanel and Prada for fifteen years, combined the high-class outfits, taking into account the individuality of the model and the concepts of the Freeport Fashion Outlet. In addition, make-up artist Renate Wollmann provides a modern and individual look with her professional make-up and styling.

As attested by Freeport marketing manager, Anna Karásková; “We could not have imagined any other testimonial which embodies the diversity of our brand and our concept of style and fashion with such authenticity. The shoot was a tremendous success – we are extremely grateful to the team for their harmonious cooperation.“

Shopping pleasure in the Freeport Fashion Outlet
Comprising a total surface area of 22,000 sq m, the Freeport Center offers top international brands in 75 shops with reductions of 30 to 70 percent. 250 top labels, as well as diverse cafés and restaurants provide a positive treat for a relaxing day out shopping. The opening times for the Outlet Center are particularly favourable: daily from 10.00 to 21.00 – including on most Sundays and bank holidays – allowing shopping for everything from casual wear to household utensils.




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