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Alfonso Soláns, president of the Iberebro Group, started the timer with the countdown to the opening of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. Image: ROS Retail Outlet Shopping

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, the first commercial space to offer a fully integrated digital experience

The countdown to the opening of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza has already begun. The “Digital Lighting”, a symbolic act that served as a presentation of the most innovative elements of this commercial project, showed the technological scope of its facilities and virtual environment through an audiovisual opera of audio, video, lighting and social media.

The LED lights, the large-format curved screen of its main square (one of the largest in Europe), the music and the latest digital news in user experience and social media were the protagonists of the pre-opening ceremony in which participated from Iberebro’s Group, his president Alfonso Soláns; from ROS Retail Outlet Shopping, the general manager, Gerhard Graf; the director of Northern Territory of Telefónica, Javier Zorrilla, and the general director of Endesa Aragón, Ignacio Montaner.

The commercial complex, which has had an investment of one hundred million euros and will generate 1,000 direct jobs, will implement the most advanced digital solutions of IoT (internet of things), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that will enable a new relationship model ‘brand – customer’ based on omnichannel and the high customization of its commercial offer thanks to the work of Telefónica, strategic partner of the project and one of the main references in digital transformation worldwide.

Customers can plan in advance their visit to La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, improve their shopping experience and receive information in real time from their favourite stores and from the centre itself. Meanwhile, brands will have at their disposal data filtered by the most powerful predictive tools in smart retail field that will allow them to design marketing
campaigns and action plans with great added value for the client.

The centre will acquire a digital intelligence layer that will anticipate visitor flows, the volume of vehicles in its parking area or new consumer needs, which make possible capture market trends permanently. This fact will facilitate its constant evolution and decision-making in real time that, beside to increase the degree of personalization of the offer, will also significantly improve the security in the physical space for all visitors.

In his speech, Alfonso Soláns quoted: “We present today an innovative commercial space, born with digital DNA, that will bring the maximum value to the city and to Aragón. From next October 22, visitors will enjoy their purchases in an architecturally privileged environment and fully digitized. La Torre Outlet will offer a commercial concept that did not exist in our community or its surroundings, and we hope it will enhance the attraction of national and international tourism to Zaragoza as a shopping destination city”.

Works developed by Telefónica Tech has been fundamental for the environment and the most emblematic buildings’ digitization, as well as for the installation of all its audiovisual elements, designed exclusively for La Torre Outlet Zaragoza.

“Working on the customized digitization of this emblematic centre for Zaragoza and Aragón has been a challenge in which practically the entire Telefónica’s Group has been involved in order to implement the most advanced technological solutions on the market. Our policy is to accompany clients in their digitization processes by being a reliable and committed partner, and La Torre Outlet in Zaragoza is a clear example of that”, said Javier Zorrilla, director of Northern Territory of Telefónica.

The multilanguage website and mobile application of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza are perfectly connected and, through them, all the stores, offers, events and benefits to be part of the VIP Club, can be known. These tools will acquire special relevance the days before the opening (October 22), since users will be able to discover the centre’s brands and win prizes in a Virtual Tour, designed by the Aragonese company Imascono.

With this web format Virtual Tour, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza is positioned as the first to have a 3D digital twin that allows the user to move around its facilities as if it were a videogame. This technology can even recreate the playful spaces of the future, making it possible for friends to meet or take a virtual walk in the fashionable outlet.

During the event, presented by the journalist Aitana Muñoz, La Torre Outlet Zaragoza made known its team of influencers, all of them linked to Aragón and famous for the content they share on social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok or Facebook, such as Rebeca Labara (@atrendylife), Nacho Aznar (@nacho_aznar), Jorge Zumeta (@jorgezumeta) or Miriam Castillo (@ladanena).

After listing and explaining all the digital elements of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza project, attendees were able to enjoy and try some of them, such as the Magic Mirror or Kimchi, an interactive photocall that allows taking photographs and projecting them on the largeformat screen located in the main square.

Minutes before closing, the singer Lucas Bernal, better known as Lionware, and the dancers of the Versus group infected the guests with their music and dance, and created a perfect fusion between urban, fashion and streetstyle on stage.

Lionware’s performance Digital Lighting. Image: ROS Retail Outlet Shopping

The final touch of the act took place when the president of Iberebro’s Group, Alfonso Soláns, started the timer with the countdown to the opening of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza situated on top of the emblematic Pikolin tower. At the same time, the 24×6 meter LED screen located in the central square was illuminated to project the days, hours, minutes and seconds remaining for the official opening of the centre, on October 22, Thursday.

The resolution quality of this device is such that it can be equated with audiovisual icons of large cities, such as Piccadilly Circus (London) or Times Square (New York).

La Torre Outlet Zaragoza digital elements:

Telefónica Tech has carried out, in collaboration with La Torre Outlet Zaragoza, the conceptualization, design and execution of the audiovisual elements for the common areas of the new shopping complex, among which are:

Large format screen. A curved large-format LED screen has been designed following the architecture of the space in the central square, with dimensions of 24×6 meters and a total area of 141 square meters. It is one of the largest screens that have been installed in Europe. During the Digital Lighting, different synchronized contents were broadcasted, what created a great audiovisual spectacle. After the opening, this device will be key in the relationship between the centre and its visitors, since they
will be able to publish in the big screen the photographs they take in the Kimchi. In addition, it will broadcast all kinds of content and live events (sports, fashion, video games…) and it will be one of the centre’s main information and socialization points, as well as an advertising location for brands.

Lighting system. The elaborated lighting proposal has a dual use: functional lighting or neutral lights commonly used, and spectacular lighting that combines scenes of color and movement for shows and special events such as “Digital Lighting”, Halloween or Christmas.

Sound system. It has been designed to be fully integrated with the other main square’s elements in order to interact with the lighting and the space. In total, it consists of 44 powered loudspeakers that allow real-time control and monitoring of each loudspeaker in the system.

Website. The La Torre Outlet website is an online portal with dynamic content aimed at the offers and events consumption in the shopping centre. The web allows visit the current offers, discover the newest brands and subscribe for free to the VIP Club.

Application. La Torre Outlet App is the perfect application for the loyalty and the customer’s gamification. The user can make a personalized Wishlist with their favourite products and experience the brands from an interactive map or reserve their place for exclusive events

Kimchi. It is a Magic Mirror that immortalizes moments of augmented reality with the outlet users and offers the possibility of taking photographs, as well as publishing the snapshots on the Video Wall or large-format screen of La Torre Outlet Zaragoza. In total, there are six interactive Photocalls scattered throughout the complex.

The fashion outlet centre has Wi-Fi throughout the premises and also has three personalized digital and interactive information points, with digital billboards and a Smart Parking so that visitors can detect which parking spaces are free.