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Credit: Designer Outlets Wolfsburg

Kulturgesichter053 displayed on 15-meter shop window front at designer outlets Wolfsburg, Germany

Dennis Weilmann (Head of Culture of the City of Wolfsburg), Dirk Wöhler (initiator of the campaign #kulturgesichter053) and Michael Ernst (Center Manager designer outlets Wolfsburg) presented a 15-meter long shop window that highlights the faces of the regional culture scene.

Kulturgesichter053 are service providers and people who work behind the scenes, but also on stages to earn their living and support their families. Some of these people also have second jobs in the culture and event industry as temps, or are volunteers for Kulturgesichter053.

This industry is not some kind of hobby but the 6th largest industry in the Federal Republic of Germany.

If one puts an entire branch of industry into an artificial coma, then one must also provide the necessary oxygen in order to be able to survive this pandemic.

These faces are presented on this shop window in order to draw attention to the precarious situation and silence in the culture and meeting industry.

The campaign wants to highlight this industry and give a face to its struggling workers.

Dirk Wöhler, himself the owner of a Braunschweig event agency, launched this initiative under the motto #Ohne uns ist es still– eure Kulturgesichter der Vorwahlregion 053 (#Without us everything is just silent–your cultural faces of the area code region 053).

“It is a matter of the heart for us to realize the campaign #kulturgesichter053. We always emphasized culture at our center. Many people with whom we have worked in recent years such as musicians, etc., are strongly affected by this current situation. We therefore wanted to give this industry a platform, so that our customers become aware of this”, says Center Manager Michael Ernst about this campaign.


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