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Credit: Klépierre

Klépierre is setting up vaccine hubs and antigen testing points in its fight against Covid-19

In association with various local partners, Klépierre has set up several initiatives to fight Covid-19. An antigen testing point at La Romanina shopping center near Rome opened earlier in March. The shopping center can accommodate about 25 patients per day, by appointment.

In France, Odysseum, Grand Littoral and Le Merlan shopping centers continue to test patients by setting up drive services.

Our shopping centers have been committed to local communities and to meeting the needs of the areas in which they are located. The Porta di Roma shopping center near Rome, for example, set up a partnership with the Italian Red Cross in 2015, with the opening of a first aid station within the center, which carries out nearly 800 emergency interventions each year. A long-lasting collaboration that has continued to evolve over the years, and which proved to be an asset from the very first moments of the Covid-19 crisis, including the establishment of an information point to allow Red Cross volunteers to answer visitors’ questions.