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Credit: KGAL GmbH & Co. KG.

KGAL acquires Taborland Retail Park in Steyr, Austria

Prime asset offers 10,200 square meters of retail and restaurant space. With the acquisition of “Taborland” retail park in Steyr, Austria, KGAL Group is once again expanding its real estate portfolio in Austria. The property will be the subject to an open-ended Austria real estate special fund.

“KGAL has over 520,000 square meters of commercial rental space in Austria, having been active investor in this market for many years. This track record makes us one of the largest real estate investors in Austria,” explains André Zücker, Managing Director of KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG with responsibility for the real estate asset class. “We are pleased to have made another attractive investment with Taborland. This prime asset is well-established and, following its recent complete regeneration, the retail park now also meets all of our quality expectations and standards.”

Taborland retail park is a top retail and leisure destination offering 10,200 square meters of retail and restaurant space and is particularly focused on being a local supply centre. The retail park underwent a complete regeneration and reopened in November 2020. Taborland consists of 16 fully and long-term leased market-leading chain stores, with Billa, Austria’s leading supermarket, being the anchor tenant. The open mall offers green space elements and quiet zones all of which are architecturally distinctive. Covered entrances to each of the stores ensure a carefree shopping experience whatever the weather.