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credit: Kaufland

Kaufland: Saving food with “Too Good To Go” app in and around Munich

Kaufland is already taking a variety of measures to prevent food waste. Now, the retailer has launched a cooperation with Too Good To Go – the food saving app that connects retailers and customers – for its stores in the Munich area.

Via the app, food that can no longer be sold from the fresh fruit and vegetable sections and the bakery at a discounted price. Customers order and pay directly through the app and then they can pick up the assembled products from the store at the specified time window. What is in the bags remains a surprise until the pick up time.

“We want to produced food that gets the appreciation it deserves. By cooperating with Too Good To Go, we are directly involving customers. This way, they can save food and money at the same time,” said Niksa Nekic, Head of Sales at Kaufland.

Minimizing food waste

Across Germany, 12 million tonnes of food are thrown away every year. “If we want to turn our food system around and reduce food waste sustainably, all stakeholders need to pull together. We are very much looking forward to cooperating with Kaufland in Munich. Together, we can make a big difference”, said Laure Berment, Managing Director at Too Good To Go Germany.

Kaufland has already been working on minimizing food waste for many years within its own area of responsibility – with various measures:

  • Use of merchandise management and ordering systems that automatically take weather forecasts and holidays into account.
  • Items are reduced in price and offered at reduced prices at an early stage, before they reach their best-before date.
  • Fruit and vegetable surpluses are marketed through special sales.
  • Selected fruit and vegetable items are reduced in price before closing time.
  • Fruit and vegetables with blemishes are permanently included in the range under “Something different”.
  • Customers are informed about the correct use of expiration dates on selected products.
  • Partnerships with charitable organizations, such as food banks: regular food donations from our stores.
  • Employees receive regular training to raise awareness of food handling issues.

Too Good To Go wants to inspire people to take action to save food and has a simple solution: the app of the same name connects bakeries, supermarkets and restaurants with consumers so that surplus food ends up on their plates and not in the waste bin.


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