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Credit: huma Shoppingwelt

JD Sports recently opened a 450-sq m store at huma Shoppingwelt

JD Sports provides clothing and shoes for a fashion and sports-oriented target group, including several multichannel services.

The British retailer, who has been on the German market for six years, has – in comparison to other sports retailers who focus on sneakers – a significantly broader product range: 50 % clothing and 50 % shoes. JD Sports has its own label and offers a wide range of all common and trendy sports fashion brands. Additionally – and this distinguishes JD Sports from other retailers – its customers will find exclusive products that are not available anywhere else. These products include limited models or exclusive color combinations by Adidas as well as exclusive limited editions by Ellesse, Fina, or Champion. JD Sports’ stores also feature products from premium brands like Armani EA7, Calvin Klein, FILA and Under Armour.

With its new location at huma, JD Sports taps into a catchment area with huge potential, as the next closest JD Sports store is located in Cologne, Germany. JD Sports appeals to trend-conscious, fashion and sports-oriented customers and is therefore a perfect fit for huma’s target group as well as its fashion-oriented tenant mix. The company also provides contemporary and comfortable multichannel services – customers can order online products offline as well, with JD Sports’ click & collect service they can order online and pick up their products at the store, and many more.

On its opening day on November 2, 2019, JD Sports proved that they hit a nerve with several performances and campaigns – including a live DJ, a breakdance show, an Instagram competition, sweepstakes, and goodies for customers. Dozens of customers already waited outside the store in the early morning to be the first to be let it in, and the people kept coming in in droves throughout the entire day.

Philippa Becke, Marketing Executive Central Europe at JD Sports, commented, “We are looking forward to providing sportswear to huma’s customers as well as the people from this entire region. Coming to Sankt Augustin was a deliberate decision. The center is a fantastic location for us and it has a lot of potential; not only because of its vast catchment area, but also its perfect environment within the center. And our successful opening day already showed us that we are absolutely in the right place.”

Alexandros Papadopoulos, Center Manager of huma Shoppingwelt, said, “We are delighted that JD Sports has chosen huma for its store and that they enhance our center’s offer. I am sure that our customers will appreciate this retailer’s wide product range and oftentimes unique limited editions. In any case, the opening was already very promising.”