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Cilento Outlet. Credit: Cilento Outlet

Irgen Retail Management Selects Coniq to Boost Footfall and Sales

Cilento Outlet Village to launch new and innovative real-time location aware customer loyalty program for shoppers

Coniq announced that Irgen Retail Management, a developer of shopping centres, retail parks and outlets in Italy, has selected its innovative Geo-Loyalty solution, IQ Connect, to help increase turnover by 10% this year at Cilento Outlet.

Irgen Retail Management will deploy IQ Connect, which has quickly become the industry’s most popular location aware loyalty app since its global launch in November 2020, to better understand shoppers, drive footfall and boost sales for retailers at its premium retail destinations.

“Our vision at Irgen Retail Management is to be the preferred destination for shoppers,” said Francesco Furino, Managing Director, Irgen Retail Management. 

“We chose Coniq because they have a proven  technology and the experience of helping us to curate a truly special customer experience when people come and visit our retailers.”

Located near Salerno, Italy, Cilento Outlet will leverage Coniq’s platform to accelerate the company’s digital transformation, launching a total customer engagement and loyalty program in just eight weeks.  When unveiled in May, Cilento Outlet’s marketing team will have access to a complete database of shopper intelligence collected from customer touchpoints, such as mobile, email, web and in-store devices, to effectively target and engage shoppers in real-time.

“A strong loyalty program will enable us to increase the frequency and spend per visit of our shoppers at Cilento Outlet,” said Felicita Valeria Merlino, Centre Manager, Irgen Retail Management. 

“Coniq provides us with a modern digital platform with all of the tools and data we need to effectively manage, measure and influence all aspects of the customer experience.”

Uniquely, the client will be able to create geofences to anonymously identify the location of customers, automatically triggering push notifications directing customers to personalised incentives to encourage them to visit stores. When they buy in-store, customers continue to receive highly relevant communications and offers – all the while earning points for future rewards.

“Coniq gives us more than just an innovative Geo-Loyalty app to improve how and when we communicate with shoppers. Their team of retail experts are helping us to design a world-class loyalty program that will increase our centre’s turnover by 10% per year when normal footfall returns after COVID-19,” added Felicita Valeria Merlino, Centre Manager, Irgen Retail Management. 

“As customer preferences rapidly change, outlets must respond quickly by obtaining the new digital  capabilities needed to know, predict and influence shopper behaviour,” said Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq, The Total Customer Engagement Company.

“Irgen Retail Management is a forward-thinking company that understands the business value of data and the role of innovative technologies such as Geo-Loyalty to personalise the shopping experience for customers that results in much higher sales for its family of local and global retailers at Cilento Outlet.”

IQ Connect is the first of a new type of Geo-Loyalty customer engagement technologies that unify Proximity Marketing and Customer Loyalty into a single digital solution for retail destinations.  A subscription to IQ Connect gives users a full suite of tools, available via one digital plattform, IQ, to truly understand, segment and engage with their customers. These tools include a ready-to-use mobile app, CRM platform, email, loyalty engine, and much more.

Organisations are now able to identify and communicate with customers throughout the entire shopping journey in real-time without the cost and maintenance of additional hardware in stores or any complex integrations with retailers. Insight from the IQ platform shines light on shopper behaviour such as when they visit, how long they stay, how much they spend, and where else they visit locally.