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Credit: Coniq

IQ Connect helps shopping centres significantly lower cost and time to launch shopper engagement solutions

Coniq today officially unveiled IQ Connect, the retail industry’s first and only complete location-based loyalty solution designed specifically to drive footfall and sales for shopping centres and tenants.

Coniq also announced that Pradera, a leading retail fund and asset management company in Europe and Asia will be the first to deploy the new solution at a select number of its retail parks in Europe.

The new solution was developed in response to market demand from shopping centre owners to know more about new customer attitudes and behaviours. IQ Connect gives marketers the data, and the tools, to send highly personalised, multi-channel communications to shoppers before, during and after they visit a retail destination. 

In a retail environment where shoppers’ behaviour is changing more rapidly than ever before, it is critical to encourage and reward shoppers for visits to physical retail locations. IQ Connect allows operators to know when people visit their malls, and to reward them for visits and time spent at the mall. In turn, the operator knows not only who is shopping at their mall, but also to know where else they shop and to trigger personalised communications at the right time – and at the right place. 

“We think Coniq has developed an innovative mobile app-based customer loyalty solution that will help retail asset owners such as us to attract and win new shoppers,” stated Rhys Evans, Director of Asset Management at Pradera. “IQ Connect provides unique insight into consumer preferences so we can profile, segment, reward, and message customers in real-time that benefits us and our tenants.” 

IQ Connect solves a major challenge for many shopping centre owners, which is the inability to identify and interact with consumers at the right time, at the right place – resulting in lost revenue. Coniq estimates that IQ Connect can increase the conversion of passive shoppers into active customers by up to 40% within hours of receiving an enticing offer. 

“COVID-19 has forced consumers to adopt new shopping habits so it’s vital that centre owners change, too, in order to better anticipate and engage consumers. Where mall operators are now competing to attract the right people into their sites, being able to measure and reward visits and dwell is critical,” said Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq. “The launch of IQ Connect marks a major advancement in the technological capabilities now available to marketers, giving them a competitive edge to win more customers for their tenants.”

A new way to engage and win customers 

In an era when consumers expect a unique and personalised experience, IQ Connect is the solution that will delight shoppers – and increase sales for shopping centres and tenants.  

The new solution enables marketers to identify and communicate with customers throughout the entire shopping journey without the cost and maintenance of additional hardware in stores or any complex integrations with retailers. 

“IQ Connect shines unprecedented visibility into customers, giving us a thorough understanding of where else they are visiting, including our anchor stores and of our competitors,” added Rhys Evans, Director of Asset Management at Pradera

By creating geofences to anonymously identify the location of customers, which automatically triggers push notifications, customers receive personalised incentives to encourage them to visit stores. When they buy in-store, customers continue to receive highly relevant communications and offers – all the while earning points for future rewards – via push notification, email and SMS to encourage and reward additional spending until they leave the centre.

IQ Connect capabilities 

IQ Connect comes with a suite of tools that marketers access through Coniq’s total customer engagement and loyalty platform, IQ.  These capabilities include:

  • IQ Customers: Coniq’s core platform that allows users to collect, manage, segment and analyse data to support multichannel customer engagement and loyalty programs 
  • IQ App: A ready-to-use mobile app that is branded and configured to a shopping centre’s exact needs 
  • IQ Segment: An AI-powered engine that automatically segments audiences based on customer engagement and loyalty data 
  • IQ Push: Send highly personalised, location triggered push notifications to customers
  • IQ Notify: Send personalised and targeted SMS messages to customers
  • IQ Email: Send highly personalised emails to customers including relevant offers and barcodes
  • IQ Acquire: Sign-up members across web, app, social media and kiosks using APIs and out-of-the-box signup forms
  • IQ Refer: Members can invite family and friends to the loyalty program to earn additional rewards 
  • IQ Visit: Create a loyalty program to track and reward visits and dwell time
  • IQ Brand Report: Give tenants and brands access to unique customer insight reports
  • IQ Insights: A suite of powerful dashboard surfacing the insights from your data 
  • IQ APIs: Access to a full suite of APIs to integrate multiple data sources and technologies