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credit: MK Illumination
credit: MK Illumination

Integrating the architectural features of a shopping mall into a captivating festive lighting concept

The Nivy Mall in Bratislava opened in 2021 on the site of the former above-ground bus terminal. In addition to the mall, the concept includes the new underground bus station, an office tower and a green roof that is open to the public.

Designed by British architects Benoy, the centre serves a range of visitor interests in one place and has enjoyed increasing popularity since its opening. With around 70,000 square metres of retail space and around 250 shops, it is the largest shopping centre in Slovakia.  

The atrium is a popular meeting place. It can be used in a variety of ways, for example as a venue for concerts or a place to relax. There is also a children’s playground and a curved access ramp. The atrium leads to the green roof with half a kilometre of running track, training areas and zones for rest and relaxation.

Bratislava’s largest food market is located on the light-flooded upper floor. A particularly long escalator spanning three floors makes it possible to reach the top floor directly from the entrance without any detours.

MK Illumination Slovakia began working with the project developer HB REAVIS in an advisory capacity even before the centre opened. From 2020, work began on an innovative, customised Christmas concept that is aligned with the Nivy corporate identity. With the approach of creating something unique, the concept includes Christmas wreaths and trees in combination with shining stars. Rustic and traditional elements such as wooden tree decorations harmonise surprisingly well with state-of-the-art lighting technology. In this way, a straightforward yet Christmassy, warm atmosphere was created in which people feel at home. At the same time, the brand image and brand awareness of Nivy were indirectly improved.

Particularly noteworthy is the way in which the architectural features of the mall were integrated into the Christmas concept and thus emphasised in their effect, such as the columns in the entrance area and atrium. A tailor-made concept, such as the one implemented here by MK Illumination, is always an asset, as it can help a shopping centre to develop a distinctive identity and lead to a high recognition value.