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Credit: Visitor Insights
Credit: Visitor Insights


Visitor Insights and Experian have partnered to launch Location Insights, a collaboration providing dynamic geodemographic analytics through the merging of datasets and methodologies in a privacy-centric way.

Mobility and geodemographic data together have long helped businesses and public entities understand human movement patterns. However alone, mobility data is unable to provide geodemographic detail, while static geodemographic data fails to deliver a view of movement or change over the short-term. Location Insights will be able to provide insight into population movement patterns. 

Recognizing the growing need for enterprises across sectors to understand the ever-evolving change in population patterns in more detail than ever, Visitor Insights and Experian have partnered to merge their datasets, methodologies, and systems to create an entirely new way of analysing and interpreting geodemographic data.

Location Insights is a unique platform bringing geodemographic data to life by combining Experian’s Mosaic consumer classification, rich geodemographic and aggregated consumer spend data, with Visitor Insights` real-time geo location systems. 

The platform will help users obtain granular insights into visitors and geographic locations, creating location profiles for individual stores and sites, high streets and cities, across any day of the week, from 2017 to the present. Advanced geodemographic modelling will give powerful insights for a range of cases across multiple sectors. From decision making for site expansions or consolidations in leisure and retail to informing about investment strategies, to Public Sector investment planning, and location-based marketing activity, accessing detailed and accurate spatial data to support these objectives will be key. 

Isabelle Hease, former Director of Data and Analytics at Ellandi, now head of Visitor Insights states: “In a world where visitor patterns and trends are rapidly evolving, it’s more important than ever that the data used to drive decision making is both current and granular enough to ensure strategies are not only based on past trends, but also on what we are seeing in the market in real time. Location Insights provides a new way for users accessing geodemographic data to make business decisions based on the ever-changing flow of people through a site. Through the lens of current and historic movement patterns, detailed geodemographic analysis can help understand past trends, but more importantly, predict outcomes for the future.”

Combining multiple data sets to derive evermore detailed insights is an important step for organisations looking to drive operational benefits from both location and geodemographic data. The partnership between Visitor Insights and Experian is a first step towards working together to provide better data which can be used at a strategic level to analyse location as an integral part of understanding and solving business or societal issues. “Over the last few years, consumer movement behaviour has shifted, and continues to do so, which is why working with Visitor Insights creates powerful insights for many verticals” said Colin Grieves, Managing Director of Marketing Services at Experian. “Our comprehensive geodemographic data, layered with Visitor Insights` location data will help decision makers unlock unique insights to not only assess the footfall in locations, but understand the types of people.”

About Experian

Experian is the world’s leading global information services company. Experian helps consumers and its clients to manage their data with confidence. They assist in helping individuals to take financial control and access financial services, businesses to make smarter decisions and thrive, lenders to lend more responsibly, and organisations to prevent identity fraud and crime. With 20,600 people operating across 43 countries, Experian is listed on the London Stock Exchange (EXPN) and is a constituent of the FTSE 100 Index.

Learn more at or visit their global content hub at their global news blog for the latest news and insights from the Group.

About Visitor Insights

Visitor Insights fills a gap in the market for detailed and affordable insights into how people interact with physical space.  AI powered geo-location data provides users with a real-time and cost effective solution to help understand current and historic changes in dwell time, popular locations, visitor preferences, engagement, space usage, visitor patterns and pedestrian journeys. Geolocation data analysed through their market-leading AI system provides strategic insight to unlock, monitor or evaluate opportunities across real-life projects.  

Visitor Insights, originally set up in 2020 by Isabelle Hease, former Head of Data and Analytics at Ellandi, supports clients from brands/occupiers to local authorities, investment management and private equity to help them obtain a deeper level of data and analytics on human behaviour for business expansions, competitive advantage and investment opportunities.