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Images: designer outlets Wolfsburg

Impressive sand sculptures at designer outlets Wolfsburg

designer outlets Wolfsburg invite their guests to experience their open-air beach area and herald the beginning of the holiday season with two sand sculptures that were built by sand artists.

Summer is coming to designer outlets Wolfsburg. To get the visitors of the inner-city outlet center in Wolfsburg into the summer spirit, two extraordinary sculptures will be formed with sand over the coming days. These two carefully handcrafted sand sculptures will be 240 and 220 centimeters high and it will take a week to complete them. The artists of Sandcity will use a total amount of 2 tons of sand for these sculptures.

The 2.4-meter high sand sculpture “Castle” can be visited and admired between Michael Kors and Coach. The 2.2-meter high Wolfsburg logo with its wolf will decorate the beach area near the children’s playground.

Visitors can observe the formation process live during opening hours from 10am to 9pm and learn a professional trick or two from the artists.

Center Manager Michael Ernst is already looking forward to this experience: “After the positive visitor-feedback from last year, we expanded the attraction this year with a further motif. We are glad that we can provide such a highlight for our visitors and we hope that these sand sculptures will remain with us for long time.”

Both sculptures will be completed on Saturday, July 18, and are open to the public from that moment on, to inspire its visitors own sculpting ventures. The sand sculptures will remain at designer outlets Wolfsburg as long as weather conditions will allow.