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(F.l.t.r.): Two Wizz Air flight attendants, Roman Koch (Managing Director of Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value Vienna), Björn Olsson (Senior Vice President Center Management at Vienna Airport) and two Heinemann staff members are celebrating the launch of the cooperation. Image: Heinemann

Heinemann Duty Free, Wizz Air and Vienna Airport link Airport Shopping and Buy on Board through joint voucher campaign

From April to June, Wizz Air passengers at Vienna Airport will benefit from a pioneering travel retail promotion that directly combines the shopping experience at Vienna airport with the gastronomic Buy on Board offer from an airline for the very first time.

During the initial three-month test phase, each departing Wizz Air passenger who has spent a minimum of 50 euros in the Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value Shop will receive a voucher for the WIZZ Café worth 4.50 euros. For purchases of 75 euros or more, Duty Free shoppers will receive a voucher worth 7.50 euros. Passengers can then redeem the vouchers on board their Wizz Air flight, choosing whatever they want from the airline’s broad selection of hot drinks, fresh sandwiches, snacks, soft drinks, or alcoholic beverages.

Goal: added value and increased sales

The initiative aims at involving all relevant parties in the purchase process at the airport, offering passengers added value, and at the same time at boosting the revenues of the cooperating partners. This is the first time that such a concept has incorporated an airline as a crucial component of the retail relationship, and thus the possibility for it to reach passengers all the way along their travel chain. The promotion is being advertised across all the on- and offline channels of the three companies involved. Furthermore, as an attention-grabbing way to launch the collaboration, two flight attendants from Wizz Air will be giving away chocolates to passengers in the Heinemann Duty Free Shop.

“We are all pursuing a common goal: to make the flight journey a truly pleasant experience for all passengers. For us as retailers, this means remaining a driver of innovation in travel retail and continuing to surprise travellers with outstanding offers and ideas. The promotion thus perfectly matches our philosophy of supporting our customers at all touchpoints on their route with individually tailored services and offers. We are very proud to be carrying out this collaboration with our longstanding partner Vienna Airport and Wizz Air and expect to see outstanding results over the three-month test phase,” says Roman Koch, Managing Director of Heinemann Duty Free & Travel Value Vienna.

“On the basis of this new form of cooperation between the airline, retailer and Vienna Airport, we generate added value for our passengers in the shopping area, and thus also enhance comfort on board,” says Björn Olsson, Senior Vice President Center Management at Vienna Airport.

Collaboration already successful in Budapest

For Wizz Air and Heinemann, this is already the second location at which the airline and the Duty Free retailer have joined forces in this way: In March of 2018 the collaboration was launched for the first time at Budapest Airport, where it has since been run successfully three times for several months each time.

“Wizz Air is delighted to be involved in such a pioneering initiative as the company is always looking for new innovative ways to engage savvy customers. Cooperation with partners opens opportunities for increasing the level of offering both before and during the flight. The success of the promotion in Budapest and the outstanding on board redemption rate shows how highly our passengers have appreciated this initiative. We are supporting the trial of such cooperation in Vienna too, as it has proven to mutually benefit the parties involved,” says George Michalopoulos, Chief Commercial Officer of Wizz Air. Around 650,000 Wizz Air passengers are expected to fly out of Vienna over the next three months (April-June 2019). By closely linking their gastronomy, shopping and service offer, the three companies are exploiting the potential for reaching a considerable proportion of these passengers and creating added value for them – as well as for the three partners in the initiative themselves.