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Credit: Balfin

“Happy” loyalty program receives “Golden Award” in Athens

On Solutions, part of Balfin Group, in collaboration with Qivos, received the Gold Award in the category of “Best Partnership Initiative” in Loyalty Awards 2020, for providing customer experience and achieving customer engagement, in four different companies, under one loyalty scheme, the Happy Program.

Balfin’s innovative loyalty program was distinguished due to exceptional communication mechanisms between the brand and the consumer, that lead to driving brand loyalty. 

In Loyalty awards 2020, organized by Boussias Communications in Athens, Greece, the best ongoing customer loyalty projects from the leaders of the market in different sectors (such as banks, big retailers, energy, and insurance providers, etc.) get nominated for excellence, both in development and innovation. 

The Happy program is an innovative program, based on members’ purchases and combines leading companies and major brands in Albania under the same schema. Four Companies, such as Neptun, Spar, Jumbo and Fashion Group Albania, are participating in the scheme since day one, aiming to provide unique privileges, with high perceived value. 

Owners of Happy card get rewards and become part of discounts and special offers that help them earn more points. Beside the multiple benefits that the members of the program enjoy, they also get an enhanced customer experience and personalized communication.