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Skärholmen Centrum, Credit: Grosvenor

Grosvenor launches retail air quality measurement review

Grosvenor Europe has launched a first of its kind air quality monitoring scheme in its Swedish retail portfolio.

The programme will help the business better understand local air conditions impacting tenants, visitors and employees, identify energy savings and achieve a more positive, direct impact on the environment and the wellbeing of the people that use its assets.

The programme, launched in July 2019, monitors the indoor and outdoor air quality of two shopping centre assets in Stockholm, in order to help maximise the health and wellbeing of both asset occupiers and visitors, and reduce energy consumption.

The scheme at Skärholmen Centrum in the south of the capital and Väsby Centrum in the north, is run by leading sustainability design consultancy ZED. Results so far have identified very good air quality across both centres.

Maintaining positive indoor conditions can improve short and long term respiratory and cardiovascular health issues while an effective ventilation system can maintain low CO2 levels, sustaining energy levels and enhancing the visitor experience in the shopping space.

Rebecca Dwyer, Strategic Projects, Grosvenor Europe, said: “Buildings are one of the biggest contributors to air pollution, so it is essential we understand how we can positively improve the air quality experienced by people using our assets, as well as maximising energy savings. We believe our buildings have the potential to improve the future health and wellbeing of end users and as a responsible real estate investor and developer it is important we do what we can to understand how, and minimise any negative impact on the environment and the wellbeing of building users.  We are encouraged by the initial results of this project and hope this programme will encourage the wider real estate sector to establish new industry norms.” 

Will Procter, Director, ZED, said: “Our partnership with Grosvenor on such a forward-thinking scheme has enabled us to learn more about their pioneering approach to the wider sustainable property management and investment business. The sensor-based approach allows real-time data to be captured, analysed and used to make appropriate positive interventions. Grosvenor is truly demonstrating a sector leading commitment to community, wellbeing and the environment.”

This air quality programme forms part of Grosvenor’s wider sustainability strategy, which includes:

  • Indoor air quality monitoring of our European offices (London, Liverpool, Madrid, Paris and Stockholm) to ensure employee wellbeing.
  • Mobile air quality monitoring project with Paris-based start-up Plume Labs, which will enable employees to analyse personal exposure to air pollution in our core cities, including within our development projects.
  • The development of ambitious sustainability targets including:
    • Becoming a founding signatory to the Better Buildings Partnership’s Climate Change Commitment, announced on 20 September 2019.

Sara Lucas, Chief Executive, Grosvenor Europe, comments: “We take a long-term view of our responsibilities and activities, with sustainability and social governance considerations important factors in all our investment, asset management and development decisions. We have begun an ambitious programme of investment and innovation across our portfolio, not only to improve air quality but also to achieve broader environmental goals including committing to the Better Buildings Partnership Climate Change Commitment, which highlights the need for all buildings to be net carbon zero by 2050. This approach is driven by a desire to deliver lasting commercial and social benefit to the communities in which we operate.”


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