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Gran Roma will open on May 16, 2019

After just 20 months of work Fresia Group finalises the shopping center in Rome.

GranRoma, located in the eastern quadrant of Rome, opens its doors to the public on the evening of Thursday May 16, only 20 months after work on it had begun, thanks to the Fresia Group, the company that designed, developed and built the shopping center. It covers a surface of 40,000 sq m and is arranged on three levels: a basement car park and two floors dedicated to shopping and restaurants. A scenic 350 sq m terrace on the second level of the shopping centre completes the structure, providing a view overlooking the impressive Alexandrian aqueduct (226 AD).

GranRoma should become a meeting point for the inhabitants of the area, a place to gather and a place of services, alongside the greenery and the fascinating archaeological ruins of the aqueduct. This area of Rome continues to undergo a significant and ongoing upgrade.

In the development of the Fresia Group project, the shopping center is the economicdriving force that gives substance to the development of the area, both from anurban point of view, with the creation of infrastructures that have significantly alleviatedthe traffic on the existing road, for an investment by the Group of €15 million, and from an employment point of view, providing approximately 500 new jobs. Fresia Group has paid particular attention to this latter aspect and, with the contribution of Intesa San Paolo, has involved the “Generation Italy” Foundation to launch a project that involves the training of 100 young people with an intensive, three-week course at the end of which, participants will be granted interviews for jobs in GranRoma shops participating in the initiative. In fact, the missionof “Generation Italy” is to support young people in training and job hunting in synergy with the companies seeking new resources.