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credit: Christina Schaub // geddid
credit: Christina Schaub // geddid

Geddid – unveiling a kaleidoscope of possibilities in the e-commerce sphere

Geddid is a vibrant hub in the ever-expanding universe of e-commerce that delights end customers and retailers alike. In addition to its diverse product offering, it is characterized by its commitment to outstanding customer service.

Geddid offers shopping experiences that captivate and inspire. From cutting-edge electronics to home and cooking essentials to fashionable clothing, the app offers a mosaic of products from leading brands and rising newcomers with something for every shopper. Germany’s first live shopping platform offers a unique experience that adapts to shoppers’ individual preferences, fostering a sense of connection and satisfaction that allows customers to effortlessly browse, compare and make informed purchasing decisions to build confidence in the products and brands.
The user-friendly interface and the intuitive navigation ensure a seamless shopping journey. Customers and retailers alike also benefit from the secure payment options and hassle-free returns. From the retailers’ point of view, these arguments are supplemented by risk-free, effortless and ready-to-use applicability. No matter whether the products are presented in live shopping events, in videos with a direct purchase function or within the integrated online shop: the app gets the best out of the business–even providing moderating sales professionals that strike at the heart of the brand. Geddid.Live has a unique position as a trailblazer in the e-commerce landscape, setting a benchmark for customers and retailers to follow.

credit all photos: geddid

Was geddid the premiere, or have you already founded other companies? What gave you the initial idea for a live shopping app?

Christina Schaub: Fabian Binz (our CTO) and I (CEO) are newcomers to the start-up scene. Our co-founder, Kevin Styra (COO), has his live shopping brand and has worked independently in the live shopping sector for over six years. The initial trigger was getting to know Kevin, who told me about the current problems in the live shopping industry. I was immediately enthusiastic about his idea of professionalizing the whole thing and offering other retailers an easy way to use live shopping. So we founded Livemax GmbH within four weeks and immediately started developing our app, geddid.

What is geddid’s USP?

Christina Schaub: geddid is simple and intuitive. We have developed a platform where anyone can easily create a product in 3 seconds and sell their goods anywhere. In addition, we create a space that is all about live shopping, meaning that only end users interested in live shopping are on the platform. However, we see ourselves not only as a live shopping platform but also as a point of contact for all topics relating to live shopping. In addition to the platform, we can organize the entire live shopping event, including presenters/influencers in front of the camera.

How does the product work?

Christina Schaub: Companies sell directly from the live video. Each video has a button on which the products currently being presented in the video can be seen. The end customer can now use the video like an online store and click on the button to buy the product. In the background, our system collects the orders, automatically sends an invoice to the customer, and provides the retailer with a packing list at the end of the day. This allows the retailer to concentrate on the essentials: Selling and customer loyalty.

Are you cooperating with other companies? If so, with whom? Also, are you working with e-commerce platforms? If not, is there a reason for this?

Christina Schaub: We already have a cooperation with P4M, a marketplace agency that will list us as an additional marketplace and support our customers in logistical areas. We also work closely with Social Emotion, a social media agency that helps us select suitable presenters and influencers for live events. In addition, we have already convinced a Toom DIY store and are in talks with a well-known company from the food sector.

How can live shopping support brick-and-mortar retail? Are there already examples of this? What has this segment achieved in terms of sales?

Christina Schaub: Live shopping offers bricks-and-mortar retailers a new reach with the same advisory services for end customers. After all, when can you explain the benefits of your product in detail to 100 people simultaneously? In addition, retailers can make much better use of their time in stationary retail. Because when there is a lull, turn on your cell phone and go live. We already have several retailers who have found their way to us. The small children’s store “Zwergenbande” with owner Janina Bockmeier stands out in particular, who announced widely on social media in December that it would have to file for insolvency if something didn’t change soon. Then we came into the picture, and now the tiny store with its handmade children’s clothing is back on track.

Where will you be in 2 years with your product? What do you want brick-and-mortar retail to do?

Christina Schaub: In two years, we want to be the first port of call for live shopping. A good mix of established companies and smaller retailers is the right balance to make the app successful. So that everyone benefits. We hope retailers will be even more open to the topic and want to work with us to make live shopping bigger. We are convinced that we will only succeed if everyone makes it clear to the end customer what live shopping is and how much more fun it is than simply shopping online.

Pictured from left to right; Kevin Styra (Co-Founder & COO); Nastassia Braun (Sales und Marketing Manager); Christina Schaub (Co-Founder & CEO) 

credit: geddid