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Credit: Gebr. Heinemann

Gebr. Heinemann and Casualfood create new opportunities with “Smartseller” joint venture

Casualfood GmbH, an ORIOR Group subsidiary specialising in high-quality food-to-go outlets, and Gebr. Heinemann SE & Co. KG, a multi-generational family-run duty-free retail and distribution company, are teaming up in a joint venture called “Smartseller” catering to small and midsized airports in Europe.

The “Smartseller” joint venture brings the core competencies of the two companies together with the aim of creating a novel shopping and consumer experience: integrating the unique grab-and-go outlets and the duty-free and travel-value products into a cohesive concept. The common idea will first be elaborated and then implemented at two or three small and medium-sized locations. The pilot project will be conducted at the Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO). Multiplication of the concept with scale-up and roll-out at other sites throughout Europe is scheduled for 2021.

Raoul Spanger, COO at Gebr. Heinemann, is excited at the prospect of the new formats for small and midsized airports: “The Smartseller concept combining our classic duty-free sales outlets with first-class in-store culinary delights will add to the appeal of our sales outlets and boost business.” Daniel Lutz, CEO ORIOR Group, and the two founders and directors of Casualfood Stefan Weber and Michael Weigel, agree that the collaborative venture with a company like Gebr. Heinemann is a relevant step that will unleash new opportunities.

The “Smartseller” joint venture will operate as an independent company under the management of Karl Niendorf. Gebr. Heinemann and Casualfood each holding a 50% stake. Regulatory approval of the joint venture is still pending.