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From l.t.r.: Christine Hager, CEO of the GCSP. Credit: Michael Zapf. Hubert Stech, Managing Director of Multi Germany and member of the Advisory Board of the GCSP. Credit: Multi Germany. Right: Johan Caspar Bergenthal, Advisory Board Member of the GCSP and CEO of Klepierre Germany. Credit: KLEPIERRE

Free Download – Sample Handbook on Hygiene and Safety Measures

Update Version 2.0 of the Model Manual for Corona Measures in Shopping Centers. The Handbook is a working tool for cities, municipalities, and official policy makers as well as center operators, owners, and tenants.

Exactly one year after the start of the Corona pandemic, the German Council of Shopping Places, GCSP, has published an update of its first model handbook for hygiene and safety measures in shopping centers, published in April 2020, and now makes it available free of charge in German and English versions, as before.

“In the past 12 months, we have been able to gather a great deal of practical experience during the various phases of the Corona pandemic and, together with our member companies, we decided that we would once again bundle this knowledge and make it available to all market participants,” explains Christine Hager, CEO of the GCSP.

She goes on to state with pride that “The greatest success from the pandemic is that we have succeeded in motivating actually competing providers to work together without any competitive thoughts and involving retailers, cities, and politics as well. As an association, we are proud that our trademark is now the support of commonality between retailers, the real estate industry, and cities.”

In addition to various model manuals, the Code of Conduct launched by the GCSP in April 2020 is considered a code of practice for tenants and landlords in the pandemic. The principles formulated therein are now being applied and recognized in Germany as well as internationally.

“The retail real estate industry, under the initiative and leadership of the GCSP, has shown great unity and strength during the Covid 19 pandemic. Tools such as this handbook that showcase best practices from leading operators have not only supported operational teams on the ground to ensure safe shopping, but also supported the successful policy work of the GCSP’s representative Ingmar Behrens and the Board of Directors to build confidence in shopping center safety, the professionalism of our industry, and a rapid reopening of retail in Germany. ” states Hubert Stech, CEO of Multi Germany and Advisory Board Member of the GCSP appreciatively.

Johan Bergenthal, also Advisory Board Member of the GCSP and CEO of Klepierre Germany, concludes “This handbook is an essential building block to accelerate the reopening of retail and is reissued at exactly the right time. It impressively displays the responsible contribution of GCSP members to the effective handling of hygiene requirements within the German retail sector and can be understood as a unique standard work, even on a global scale.”

We are very proud to be able to provide this handbook to the readers of ACROSS as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Sample Handbook on Hygiene and Safety Measures | Englisch Version

Sample Handbook on Hygiene and Safety Measures | German Version


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