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Left: Christine Hager, Chairperson of the German Council of Shopping Places. Credit: Michael Zapf. Right: Sample Handbook on Hygiene and Safety Measures. Credit: GCSP.

Free Download – Sample Handbook on Hygiene and Safety Measures for Gastronomy and Gym Facilities

The gastronomy sector is one of the most important components for visits to successful shopping destinations. Therefore, the impacts of the pandemic-related regulations are all the more significant for this sector as well as the entire delicate network of functioning retail properties, which are vibrant marketplaces.

Over the past weeks, the German Council of Shopping Places has collected an overview of many of the hygiene and safety measures for the gastronomy sector that are currently applied successfully in Germany. It also compiled a 11-page checklist that can be used as a practical guideline. The goal is to show public authorities, local administrations, and politicians on all levels that the gastronomy sector can get through the corona crisis without a second lockdown–even if infection rates should increase–by complying with the existing regulations. Since many shopping centers also include gym facilities, this handbook was expanded to cover this segment as well. We are very proud to be able to provide this handbook to the readers of ACROSS as a FREE DOWNLOAD.

Sample Handbook on Hygiene and Safety Measures

Sample Planning Checklist

Christine Hager, Chairperson of the German Council of Shopping Places: “The close and professional collaboration that made the development of this second, equally important handbook possible in the corona crisis proved once again that companies within our industry work together well and trustfully. We are proud that we, as the only interest group of the retail and retail real estate industry, unite all sides and represent them collectively. It is our responsibility to share our know-how and our experience with all participants of this industry. Therefore, we make the German as well as the English version available to download for free.”

Peter R. Wilhelm, Chairman of the ECSP Board and CEO of Wilhelm & Co.: “ECSP wholeheartedly endorses the new safety and hygiene handbook produced by the German Council of Shopping Places. We are convinced that GCSP’s handbook will be a very useful tool for gastronomy and sporting venues in shopping centers. Good safety and hygiene practices have of course never been more important for our industry as well as our entire value chain. As ECSP, we will work closely together with all our members to convey this important message to decision-makers and other stakeholders across Europe.”


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