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Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq. Credit: Coniq

Five New Innovations from Coniq Designed to Help Save Shopping Malls and High Street Retailers

Coniq’s Summer ‘20 release of its Total Customer Engagement Platform finally brings the digital and physical worlds together into one unified tool.

Coniq unveiled its much anticipated  Summer ‘20 release, launching five new major innovative capabilities that empower marketing teams to significantly reduce the cost and time of creating loyal, high value customers for their shopping centres and retailers. 

In response to the recent dramatic shifts in how consumers interact and shop with their favourite brands, Coniq has fully overhauled its award-winning Total Customer Engagement platform. As consumers now switch fluidly between digital and physical shopping, Coniq’s IQ Platform now allows businesses to design and deliver highly personalised interactions that shoppers expect across connected online and in-store touchpoints.

“Coniq provides organisations with the most comprehensive suite of self-service tools and data needed to stay on top of constant changes in consumer behaviour,” said Ben Chesser, CEO of Coniq. “Retail has changed forever and retailers need to respond. While we saw some great tools for optimising on-line shopping, and many ways to track customers in the off-line world, the Coniq Total Engagement Platform is the first to bring them together to reflect the way real people want to shop. By combining digital behaviour with in-store transactions, and even physical visits to stores, we can identify and reward loyal customers in a way never before possible.” 

Coniq provides the shopping centre industry with IQ, a unique Total Customer Engagement Platform that delivers a fully integrated customer data, engagement and loyalty solution. IQ allows marketers to anticipate and send highly tailored offers and content to shoppers based on customer demographics, behaviour, product preferences and real-time geo-location, to generate incremental  sales and  to increase customer lifetime value.

The latest Summer ‘20 platform release boasts new user friendly capabilities that automate and optimise the creation and delivery of personalised experiences at each stage in the customer journey: 

  1. ACQUIRE: Use Coniq’s new referral tool, IQ Refer, to grow your customer base by rewarding existing members for inviting friends and family to your loyalty program. Referrals can be made through social channels such as  email, Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.
  2. LEARN: Leverage the new segmentation engine, IQ Segment, to send highly personalised multi-channel communications relevant to your centre and retail brands based on customer profile and behaviour data collected from offline and online touchpoints.
  3. LIFT: Design and send high conversion multi-language emails embedded with personalised reward program offers to members in minutes using the new IQ Communicator’s intuitive drag and drop interface. 
  4. RETAIN: Use IQ Visit to see where else your consumers shop, and to define geofences around your centre, or particular store, to automatically trigger highly tailored real-time and  location-relevant mobile communications. 
  5. REACTIVATE: Respond to fast changing customer preferences with flexible points that reward customers for new behaviours and milestones, such as double points day, or rewards for visiting specific stores using the new Points Promotion engine.

Coniq’s latest release re-enforces the company’s position as the leading provider of Total Customer Engagement, the modern way for retail decision makers to win and grow customers faster.


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