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MERCADO Nürnberg, Germany. /// credit: Twenty One Media
MERCADO Nürnberg, Germany. /// credit: Twenty One Media

First “Ninja Warrior Germany” Park Opens In Spring At MERCADO Nürnberg

With the opening of the first official “Ninja Warrior Germany” park, the MERCADO Nürnberg shopping and leisure center is getting people off the sofa again and expanding its leisure expertise at the same time.

Since fall 2022, MERCADO Nürnberg, owned by Union Investment, has had a unique selling point in the local supply sector with the largest and most modern EDEKA store in the Nuremberg metropolitan region. New international trend brands have been enriching the fashion area since 2023. And MERCADO Nürnberg will soon also be ahead of the game when it comes to leisure: the first official “Ninja Warrior Germany” park will open here in the first quarter of 2024, covering an area of 3,200 square meters.

This German premiere is a fine confirmation of the persuasive power of the of MERCADO Nürnberg and further proof that it is not only the size of a center or its location in major cities such as Berlin, Hamburg or Munich that are decisive for letting success. The DNA of MERCADO Nürnberg simply fits the “Ninja Warrior” concept. The target group is focused on families, the catchment area is large, the residents are affluent and the center is easily accessible by car, bike, bus and train.

“We had been looking for a suitable location for our ‘Ninja Warrior Parks’ in Germany for some time. In MERCADO Nürnberg, we have now found a suitable space at the perfect time,” says Jack Anderson, CEO of Ninja Warrior UK. “The center is a great location, appeals to the right target groups, offers good synergies and an interesting catchment area. We are very excited about this first German location – more will follow.”