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Credit: FİBA CP

Fiba CP and LC Waikiki cooperation is getting stronger

FİBA Commercial Properties is strengthening its cooperation with LC Waikiki in both domestic and foreign markets.

LC Waikiki, already serving with a 2 thousand m2 store at M1 Adana Shopping Mall, one of the investments of FİBA CP in Turkey, has transferred its store to a larger one with nearly a floor area of 4 thousand m2.

Conducting commercial real estate projects in various cities in Turkey and abroad in China, Romania and Moldova, FİBA Commercial Properties has taken a strong and sustainable step in its cooperation with LC Waikiki, a leading fashion retail brand of Turkey. 

Currently serving at its 2 thousand m2 store at M1 Adana Shopping Mall, LC Waikiki, has transferred its store to a nearly 4 thousand mflagshipstore. With this brand new outlook, LC Waikiki will appeal to and attract shoppers and also visitors of Adana from the surrounding regions.

 “We are pleased with the synergy we created…”

LC Waikiki and FİBA CP have achieved significant local and foreign projects thanks to the trust-based synergy and cooperation between them was stated by Yurdaer Kahraman, CEO and Board Member of FİBA Commercial Properties. Mr. Kahraman added that, “We are pleased to maintain the harmony we established over the years with LC Waikiki and to accomplish new projects together. As FİBA CP, we show ultimate attention and care to the opinions of the local community with regards to our local and foreign investments. We always consider their wishes in all our renovation and expansion efforts and our rentals and leases processes. As a result of the expansion of customer demands and our area of reach under the influence of the renovation we carried out at M1 Adana Shopping Mall, our current stores are striving to expand their areas and the range of services they offer. We have an established and esteemed cooperation history with LC Waikiki both in Turkey and abroad. Now, we believe, offering our services on a larger floor area at M1 Adana Shopping Mall will draw great interest from our visitors.” 

Chairman of the Board of Directors of LC Waikiki, Vahap Küçük stated that they continue offering their services in Turkey and abroad with the mission of “Everyone has the right to dress well” and added, “We continue making annual investments according to our global brand insight and 2023 vision. We are pleased tocooperate with FİBA CP in local and foreign shopping malls and contribute to Turkish economy.”