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Credit: Kroh & Partner
Credit: Kroh & Partner

Fashion Outlet Krakow will set a new standard in the Polish outlet market

The growing importance of entertainment, food, digitization and services gives new impulses for existing and new outlet centers.

The first outlets established in Poland after 2000 consisted almost entirely of commercial space intended for shops and boutiques. After almost 15 years of their functioning, consumer behavior and expectations have changed. Due to the growing ecommerce for designer, fashion and lifestyle brands the shopping experience itself becomes more and more important.

“Beside our main trigger to get great brands 30-70% off compared to the regular retail price there is an increasing customer need to create a location to spend qualitative time with family and friends as well as to make shopping more convenient. Therefore, food courts, a diversified category mix and brand offer, a great retail marketing with promotions and events as well new services for more convenience are crucial”, said Dawid Rutkowski, Asset & Development Manager Poland, PRÔM Peakside Ros Outlet Management. In the centers managed by PRÔM, this strategy is implemented in many fields. A consequence of these activities is the positive center performances in traffic and sales, which in 2019 are growing, despite the negative impact of Sunday closed for trading. The next step will be the planned center extension of the Designer Outlet Warszawa, Gdansk and Sosnowiec with an upgrade of brands and an implementation of a new catering offer.

Fashion Outlet Kraków in line with the new trend

The new PRÔM project Fashion Outlet Krakow has been designed to take advantage of these trends that have emerged some time ago and are currently very visible. The formula of Fashion Outlet Kraków will combine the outlet concept for fashion and lifestyle brands with high discounts throughout the year with the entertainment and catering offer. Outlet shopping, full of unexpected rewards, is the best entertainment for the most enthusiastic fans of outlets, but to keep up with the dynamic development of a city like today’s Krakow, you should offer more. Hence the place intended for a multi-screen cinema, bowling alley, gym and an interesting offer to spend time for the youngest.

Modern outlet shopping experiences are not only a place to get good bargains, they are destinations for quality time, indulge yourself and meeting points for relatives, friends and colleagues. Fashion Outlet Krakow sets new standards in terms of the proportion of shopping and entertainment-catering space. In this respect, the trails are cleared, because the part devoted to meal and entertainment will take up a lot, because over 1/3 of the area.

The care for the whole project and the final shape of Fashion Outlet Krakow is in the hands of PRÔM. The food & beverage offer and entertainment will be provided by experienced operators in individual segments, such as Cinema City, Fitness Platinium, Pink Bowling and McDonald’s. Talks are currently under way with interested operators of future restaurants.